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Top 5 Toddler Sleep Myths Debunked!

By Angelica Carsolin / June 10, 2018
toddler sleeping soundly

So you managed to make it through the sleepless nights of your child’s infancy. Congratulations! Now that your precious baby is a toddler, you’ll observe some developments in their behavior. Their motor and communication skills will improve drastically, they’ll be able to express themselves through hugs, kisses, and tantrums---unfortunately---and they will have a lot of energy to learn about everything…

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How to Get Your Toddler to Sleep in Their Own Bedroom

By Angelica Carsolin / June 3, 2018

Having a good night’s rest is important both for you and your little one. They need sleep primarily for brain development, healthy weight, and overall growth; while you need it to function properly, fulfill your daily responsibilities, and recover from the previous day’s activities. While it’s nice to have a slumber party with your child once in a while, neither of you may…

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How Toddlers Sleep: What You Need to Know

By Angelica Carsolin / June 3, 2018
toddler sleeping

From sleeping 11 to 17 hours a day when they were babies, a child’s sleep requirements will slide down to 10 hours a night when they reach 12 to 36 months. Congratulations, you now have a toddler on your hands! There are a lot of changes that your little one will go through---they’ll learn to walk, smile, and do some…

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5 Reasons Your Toddler Keeps Waking Up at Night (& How to Help)

By Angelica Carsolin / May 25, 2018
toddler escaping

If you think you won’t have to deal with sleepless nights once your baby becomes a toddler, then prepare to be disappointed. While you may have had a couple of long and satisfying sleep for the last few weeks, there are common conditions which can result in your toddler waking up in the middle of the night, and in turn, prompting…

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Eye Disorders and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Is There a Relationship?

By Angelica Carsolin / May 12, 2018
eyesight and sleep

Did you know that certain eye conditions are like a loud sounding alarm for doctors for a sleep condition possibly unknown to the afflicted? There are five eye disorders---all of which we all grow more prone to with advancing age---which have an unfortunate connection with obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially be life-threatening disorder. It is a serious condition which not only results…

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How Sleep Changes As We Age

By Angelica Carsolin / April 28, 2018
old man trying to sleep

If you are living with senior citizens in your home, you may observe that their bedtime is much, much earlier---unlike younger people, fond of staying awake until late at night with little difficulty---although they are also the first to get up in the morning without any alarms to wake them. These sleep behaviors are the most common changes observed among the…

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Seniors and Sleeping Pills: Effects and Safety Concerns

By Angelica Carsolin / April 21, 2018

Before we get the effects of sleep medication on seniors, we need to look at the medication itself. But before even that, we need to lay out the information about the condition that likely necessitates regular use of sleep mediation: Insomnia. It is a condition where a person finds it difficult to fall or stay asleep, even when they have the opportunity to do so…

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How Rest Reduces Risk: Sleep, Alzheimer's and Dementia

By Angelica Carsolin / April 21, 2018
dementia symbolism

At a basic level, we know we need sleep to recover from our day’s tiring activities and get ready for tomorrow’s grind---but recuperation isn’t the only major purpose of our slumber. Sleep is also responsible for processing the overwhelming amount of information we receive during the day, and for transferring memories from our short-term memory to long term, so that…

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How Seniors Sleep: What You Need To Know

By Angelica Carsolin / April 18, 2018
old couple sleeping

As we grow older, our sleep patterns also change, and it is all a normal part of the aging process. The sleep cycle comprises of several stages: light sleep; deep sleep; and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, where active dreaming takes place. Changes in the sleep pattern in older people push them towards the lighter stages of sleep. Unfortunately, this isn’t…

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5 Tips to Keep Baby Bedtime Safe and Risk-Free

By Angelica Carsolin / April 6, 2018

There are a few things in this world as beautiful and peaceful as a baby sleeping. For the first six months, a baby sleeps up to 12 hours a night, plus a couple of naps during the day. It’s absolutely devastating to know that even in this calm activity, thousands of infants fall into an unfortunate occurrence which can claim…

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What Are Sleep Spindles?

By Kate Loyola / March 24, 2018
What is Micro Sleep Patient undergoing EEG registration

Activity in our brain shifts as we move through the different stages of sleep. As our consciousness wanes, most regions of our brain register gradually decreasing activity levels overall. This corresponds to the basic categories of brain waves that dominate various points in our sleep cycle. Sleep isn't just a time to "power down" for our brain, though. We've covered…

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What Is Microsleep?

By Kate Loyola / March 24, 2018
what is microsleep

What do college students, cross-country drivers, and graveyard shift workers have in common? They're all prone to nodding off, as we all are when we're at the limit of our endurance---or our attention span. The sensations are familiar enough to many of us: our eyes grow heavy; our thoughts sink into a dull buzz; and the next thing we know,…

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Top 5 Baby Sleep Myths—Debunked!

By Maria Ramos / March 18, 2018
Baby Sleep Myths sleeping on back

As long as humans have been around, there have been babies---naturally! Motherhood is steeped in history and tradition, and even for the most well-prepared and well-researched, taking care of a baby can give rise to situations where you just don't know which rules to follow. Advice from parents and grandparents may conflict with pediatricians and books. Assumptions that you've taken…

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Top 5 Tips for Using Gadgets at Night

By Kate Loyola / March 16, 2018
Using light for better sleep Device usage at night

Have you ever looked up from your email, bleary-eyed, only to realize that it's 2AM in the morning? Or have you ever shut off your phone and lain awake in your bed, not feeling sleepy at all? We've all been there. More and more of us are using gadgets late into the night, and that's taking a heavy toll on…

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Using Color Temperature for Better Sleep

By Kate Loyola / March 16, 2018
Using light for better sleep light spectrum

Light affects our sleeping patterns, so much so that distinct aspects of it, like brightness or color, each have a big impact on how we sleep. Subsequently, we tend to see the widespread use of artificial light as problematic: blazing LED lamps keep our surroundings bright well into the evening; harsh screen backlights push our bedtimes back by hours. But…

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Using Light for Better Sleep and Productivity

By Kate Loyola / March 16, 2018
Using light for better sleep Woman holding lamp

We've already touched on how light affects sleep. Most discussions on the subject focus on artificial light, especially the blue light that comes from electronic devices. But what exactly do we mean by the term "blue light," and is it the only type that influences how we sleep? The Visible Spectrum It might be surprising to hear about different types…

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Top 5 Fascinating Facts About How Babies Sleep

By Maria Ramos / March 11, 2018
Fascinating Facts About How Babies Sleep on stomach

When people use the phrase "sleeping like a baby", they're probably not being literal. Right, parents? We know you're tired and exhausted, and probably beating yourself up over all the time you spent NOT sleeping before your little one arrived. Actually, one of the most fascinating sleep facts of all time doesn't really have anything to do with how babies…

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How Babies Sleep: What You Need to Know

By Maria Ramos / March 11, 2018
How Babies Sleep on back close up

How do babies sleep, exactly? Finding out how to answer this question is one of the most challenging aspects of parenthood. Your baby's sleep health is affected by so many things; from their age to their temperament, and then some. For example: How many hours of sleep do you think your baby needs? Newborns can need up to 17 hours a day, but…

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Baby Bedtime Positions: Just the Facts

By Maria Ramos / March 10, 2018
Baby bedtime positions baby on rug

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the best bedtime position for your babies is to be on their backs---primarily because many studies show that this greatly reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). However, you may have heard conflicting advice---from the baby's grandparents, from well-meaning neighbors, maybe even from a healthcare…

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Waves of Relaxation: Your Brain and Sleep

By Kate Loyola / March 9, 2018
brain and sleep featured image

If you've ever lain in bed with a head full of swirling thoughts, then you know how active our brains can get---not to mention how that activity can affect our sleep. But the relationship between what our brains do and how we doze off goes much deeper than a night of relentless worries. In this article, we'll look at the…

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Meet Melanopsin: Our Eyes' Sleep Switch

By Kate Loyola / March 9, 2018
Meet Melanopsin featured image

Light is a major cue for our body. Exposure to sunlight resets our biological clocks and keeps our internal cycles aligned with day and night. Conversely, evidence suggests that artificial light sources have a hand in disrupting our sleep routines and derailing our circadian rhythms. But how does our body detect and respond to light in the first place? Research…

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Understanding Circadian Rhythms

By Kate Loyola / March 9, 2018
Circadian Rhythms phases of the moon

Do a search about sleep and science, and you're bound to run into the term "circadian rhythm." The concept is fundamental to understanding our body's daytime and nighttime behavior. In this article, we'll dive into how circadian rhythms work, and why they’re so important for sleep. What Are Circadian Rhythms? Let's start with a definition: circadian rhythms, like many scientific…

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Everything You Need to Know About Bedbugs

By Maria Ramos / March 4, 2018
Everything you need to know about bedbugs featured image

"Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite." Chances are, you've heard this rhyme growing up, and more than a few times, too! Hard to control and difficult to completely eradicate, humans have been dealing with bed bugs since the beginning of recorded history. No one wants pests in their homes---especially not ones that bite them as they sleep! Here's…

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Can Animals Help Treat Sleep Disorders?

By Maria Ramos / March 2, 2018
pet dog on floor

First of all: Why ask this question? Surely there are more traditional ways to manage sleep disorders, as well as more established ways to make use of assistance, service or therapy animals. However, the idea of animals being utilized in the treatment of illnesses such as sleep apnea or narcolepsy is not as unusual as you might think---especially in the US, where both…

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Modernizing Mattress Shopping with bedMATCH

By Kate Loyola / March 2, 2018
Modernizing Mattress Shopping bedMATCH logo header

Your bed is supposed to be your personal escape from the frantic stresses of modern life. Nothing says "unwind," after all, like laying back and feeling the knots in your shoulders and your mind loosen as you doze off. But each set of tired limbs aches in its own way, and the mattress type that offers the most relief varies…

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Make the Most of Your Chronotype

By Kate Loyola / March 1, 2018
Making the Most of Your Chronotype header image

You've heard the old adages about the early bird catching the worm, or early risers being "healthy, wealthy, and wise." In fact, there's a lot of common wisdom floating around about our preferred sleep and wake times. While science has shown that there's more to early birds and night owls than we might think, the concept of chronotypes proves that…

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Understanding Chronotypes

By Kate Loyola / March 1, 2018
Understanding Chronotypes

Are you an early bird or a night owl? We've heard these avian descriptions of behavior countless times, but it turns out there's more to these labels than crack-of-dawn pep and beyond-midnight bedtimes. Whether we've tutted at late risers or sworn, for the nth time, to become a morning person ourselves, common wisdom about when we sleep and wake has…

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The Science of Sleep

By Kate Loyola / March 1, 2018
The Science of Sleep featured image

Our resting and waking hours owe a lot to our biology. From genetics to hormones, our psychological dispositions to our responses to our surroundings, there's a lot that science can say about how and why we sleep. That information used to be confined to academic conferences, expert journals, and conversations between scientists. Now, with growing public consciousness of personal health…

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Pets & Sleep: How Much Is Too Much?

By Maria Ramos / February 25, 2018
sleepy dog in bed

Here's a question for cat and dog owners: How much does your pet sleep? Whether or not you allow your pet to sleep beside you, as a good pet owner you should be aware of your furry friend's habits. In fact, many of you may be worried right now, and wondering what normal sleep is like for the typical cat…

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Top Heart Rhythm Meditation Blogs

By Kate Loyola / February 24, 2018
Heart Rhythm Meditation heart sign

Many people mention "alignment" when talking about the benefits of meditation. The idea implies a sense of order, of things working as they should---your body in step with your mind. For those of us who struggle with sleep, the idea of alignment takes on a more specific flavor: settling back into our natural sleep cycles, perhaps, or working out the…

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What is Heart Rhythm Meditation?

By Kate Loyola / February 24, 2018
heart rhythm meditation

Sound plays a huge role in how well you sleep. Any parent who's ever lulled a baby to sleep knows the magic of finding the perfect tune. But it turns out we don’t outgrow our susceptibility to dozing off given the right sounds, if the scientific literature on ambient and static noise is any indication. On the flip side, though,…

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Top 5 Pet-Friendly Bedroom Plants

By Maria Ramos / February 18, 2018
Top Pet-Friendly Bedroom Plants moth orchids

Why keep house plants around? They brighten up the room, and are as calming as they are decorative; not to mention fragrant, depending on the species. However, the best reason is that plants raise indoor air quality; naturally purifying what we breathe in through the process of photosynthesis. While most plants simply absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, some clean…

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Should Pets Be Allowed to Sleep on Your Bed?

By Maria Ramos / February 18, 2018
Should Pets be Allowed to Sleep on Your Bed cat on bed

Co-sleeping is a hot-button topic these days, but it's usually discussed as a parenting issue. What about sharing your bed with beloved pets? This way less controversial than mothers sleeping alongside their children, and is something that is usually treated as a matter of personal preference. However, the sheer amount of people affected by multispecies co-sleeping should be an indicator of just how significant this is…

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Animals in the Bedroom: Sleep Tips for Pet Owners

By Maria Ramos / February 18, 2018
woman and dogs in bedroom

It is easy to keep your pets and your sleep health separate when you're taking care of fish in an aquarium or hamsters in a small habitat. When you share your living space with a furry friend, though, things can get complicated. An indoor cat or dog may have designated spots throughout the house---beds, pens, scratching posts, and the like---but…

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Practicing Peace of Mind: Meditation for Better Sleep

By Kate Loyola / February 17, 2018
Practicing Peace of Mind featured image

What does meditation have to do with sleep? After all, while meditation might need you to close your eyes, isn't falling asleep one of the big no-no's? Maybe so, but there's reason to think that meditation and sleep might not be as incompatible as they seem. There's mounting scientific evidence that sleep is crucial for maintaining general well-being. When it…

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Top Qigong Meditation Blogs

By Kate Loyola / February 17, 2018
Qigong Meditation what is it

Take a stroll down to your local park, and chances are, you'll find at least one kindly old neighbor going through a sequence of poses. If you find yourself envious of their serene calm, then qigong meditation might be a good fit for you. A caveat: Those park movements are more likely to be tai chi than qigong---and you can…

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What is Qigong Meditation?

By Kate Loyola / February 13, 2018
woman practicing qigong meditation

We've known it for some time now: sleep is integral to our health. Over the years, numerous studies have shown the adverse effects of sleep deprivation and poor-quality sleep on our mental faculties, physical abilities, and even our psychological state. Regular doses of ample shuteye, it seems, deserve a place alongside our pillboxes and prescriptions. But what can you do…

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Top Transcendental Meditation Blogs

By Kate Loyola / February 8, 2018
Transcendental Meditation

A meditation practice, at its best, transports you to a state of calm and clarity. For people like us here at Good Night's Rest, that state could well be synonymous with a restful sleep---and it could be just as elusive. Transcendental meditation, in its very name, carries the promise of helping us reach that place of tranquility and relaxation. Though…

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What is Transcendental Meditation?

By Kate Loyola / February 8, 2018
What is Transcendental Meditation

Not all of us can live with the same comforts as A-list celebrities, but if their interviews are to be believed, we can relax like them. Stars like Katy Perry, Oprah, and Jerry Seinfeld have been vocal about their transformative experiences with transcendental meditation. You've probably heard it on a talk show somewhere: transcendental meditation "cures the common stress," makes…

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Top Visualization Meditation Blogs

By Kate Loyola / February 8, 2018
Top Yoga Meditation Blogs Visualization Meditation List

Meditation is often touted as a way to help you sleep better, but it can be difficult if you've already got trouble keeping your eyes closed. Many people new to meditation think of a "blank mind" as their ideal state, and their pursuit of that ideal can create a pressure that stifles many budding meditation practices. Luckily, meditation comes in…

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Top 10 Things That Shouldn't Be in Your Bedroom

By Maria Ramos / February 4, 2018
Top Things That Shouldn't Be in Your Bedroom Food

Spoiler: You're probably not going to love this list. We don't like it, and we're the ones that put it together! Telling someone what shouldn't be part of their own little world feels like trespassing somewhere we don't belong. Your bedroom is your humble hideaway, your private place, your safe sanctuary---we get it. Change is difficult, especially when it involves a radical rearrangement…

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Top 10 Bedroom Design Hacks for Better Sleep

By Maria Ramos / February 3, 2018

Sleep is important. We all know this! And yet, it is often the most ignored aspect of our health. Even the chronically sleep deprived sometimes have a tendency to seek out quick fixes---smartphone apps, ultramodern gadgets, newly formulated sleep aids and supplements---instead of sticking to a routine that may result in slow but steady improvements over time. It's like wanting to be…

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What is Visualization Meditation?

By Kate Loyola / February 1, 2018
Visualization Meditation

Have you ever been jolted awake from dream where you were falling? Then you know firsthand how visuals can affect your mind and body. As it turns out, you're not alone. 40% of people respond more to visuals compared to plain information. In fact, the brain generally processes visuals 60,000 times faster. It makes sense to try harnessing the power…

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Top 5 Bedroom Lighting Tips for Better Sleep

By Maria Ramos / January 27, 2018
Top Bedroom Lighting Tips Sleep mask

How much time do you spend sleeping? Do you doze off quickly and wake up rested in your bedroom? These are important questions to ask, because even little design and decorating tweaks will have a significant positive impact on sleep onset and quality. Think about your bedroom the next time you feel the itch to redecorate. These small, affordable changes often…

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Top 5 Noise Reduction Tips for Better Sleep

By Maria Ramos / January 25, 2018
Top Noise Reduction Tips for Better Sleep featured image

When someone designs a bedroom, it is done with both comfort and visual aesthetics in mind. Even contemporary interpretations of age-old practices such as feng shui or vastu shastra typically align with this two-pronged approach. However, a non-visual component of comfort is very often overlooked: sound.  Whether or not you're a light sleeper, sound influences the way you sleep! Studies have shown this to be true.…

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Top Yoga Meditation Blogs

By Kate Loyola / January 25, 2018
Yoga Meditation List Featured Image

These days, everybody owns a yoga mat or at least knows somebody who does. Yoga has become one of the more popular exercises in an increasingly fitness-obsessed world, praised for the wonders that it does for people's flexibility, mobility, and strength. But did you know that it can also help you sleep? If you know yoga as the program that…

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What Is Yoga Meditation?

By Kate Loyola / January 25, 2018
yoga meditation on the beach

Have you ever watched someone do a firefly pose and thought, Ouch? At first glance, yoga and sleep might not seem like natural partners. Sure, yoga has become one of the more popular and accessible exercises around, and there's evidence that exercise helps us sleep. But many of yoga's twisting poses look more strenuous than relaxing---and what about those of…

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What is Zen Buddhist Meditation?

By Kate Loyola / January 25, 2018
Starting Zen Meditation What is it

Why do you meditate? Most people take up meditation in a quest for inner peace, balance---or, as some might put it, a state called "zen." In popular culture, Zen has become shorthand for a transcendent state of being, often portrayed as achievable only by grizzled old masters with a penchant for sitting under waterfalls and calling people "grasshoppers." Zen implies…

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Top Zen Buddhist Meditation Blogs

By Kate Loyola / January 25, 2018
Top Zen Buddhist Meditation Blogs featured image

How long does it take you to fall asleep? Dozing off can be a challenge when your brain can't seem to stop buzzing. There are many methods you can try to quiet your mind and get a good night's rest. One of the most popular ones -- and one of the easiest to start -- is meditation. Meditation can refer…

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What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

By Kate Loyola / January 23, 2018
mindfulness meditation

More and more of us are staying up later than we should. Some experts have even started calling it a "sleep-loss epidemic", and the growing body of evidence about the physical, mental, and psychological toll of sleep deprivation suggests that "epidemic" isn't a term used lightly. But the causes of our sleeplessness vary, and so do the suggestions of methods…

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Top 10 Feng Shui Tips for Better Sleep

By Maria Ramos / January 21, 2018
Top Feng Shui Tips for Better Sleep featured image

What is feng shui? Simply put, it's an ancient Chinese practice that involves placing and arranging furniture in a space to maintain proper balance of energy, otherwise known as chi. This collection of design rules is actually more about spiritual practicality---as contradictory as that may sound---than it is about style or aesthetics. You may be asking: Why is it so important to…

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Designing the Perfect Bedroom for a Good Night's Rest

By Maria Ramos / January 18, 2018
Guide to Different Types of Mattresses featured image

Making your bedroom an ideal sleeping space doesn't always have to mean an expensive redesign. Sometimes a change of color palette, or even simply rearranging furniture pieces around the room can do wonders! Adding small, affordable touches can also dramatically improve the environment around your bed. Don't know where to start? We're here to help! After all, a good night's…

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Top 5 Essential Oils for Better Sleep

By Maria Ramos / January 6, 2018
Top Essential Oils for Better Sleep bottles featured image

Jump to: What Are Essential Oils? Which Essential Oils Help You Sleep Better? Lavender Ylang-Ylang Bergamot Roman Chamomile Sweet Marjoram   Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know what aromatherapy is. Typically for relaxation or stress relief, you'll find aromatherapy items used in health and wellness spas, yoga studios, meditation rooms, hotel bathrooms, and more. Why not…

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Top 5 Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep

By Maria Ramos / December 30, 2017
Top Bedroom Plants for Better Sleep chrysanthemum

How do plants help you sleep better? We've researched and written about sleep teas and infusions before here at Good Night's Rest, and we've even reviewed some natural supplements that use plant extracts as their main ingredients. However, ingestion isn't the only way to benefit from plants. Apart from their medicinal purposes, plants also naturally purify air, as they absorb…

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Top Mindfulness Meditation Blogs

By Maria Ramos / December 17, 2017
Top Mindfulness Meditation Blogs featured image

Sleep is the bedrock of your health and wellbeing. Tons of studies can speak to this, as can anybody who's ever had to slog through the day on four hours of sleep. We can chug temporary boosts like coffee or energy drinks, but these are all poor substitutes for deep, restful shuteye. Unfortunately, urgent deadlines, restless babies, jet lag, and…

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Mind Over Mattress: Top Meditation Blogs

By Maria Ramos / December 3, 2017
Top Meditation Blogs woman meditating

So you've decided to try meditation. Maybe you've always wondered about its much-talked-about advantages. Maybe you've checked out our primers and found a promising method for improving the quality of your sleep. Whatever your reasons, you're keen for some peace of mind, as well as practical information on how to get started. There's no shortage of resources on the web,…

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Debunked: 'Snoring Is Annoying but Harmless'

By Maria Ramos / November 16, 2017
Debunked Snoring is Annoying but Harmless featured image

Snoring affects people indiscriminately. Rich or poor, fit or overweight, young or old: it doesn't matter. Everyone is susceptible, though it is also true that some---as we will learn later on in this article---are more prone to develop snoring than others. As it's quite commonplace, it can be easy to be dismissive and think of snoring as just a bothersome quirk;…

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Debunked: 'Never Wake a Sleepwalker'

By Maria Ramos / November 12, 2017
Debunked Never Wake a Sleepwalker woman sleepwalking

Sleepwalking---also called somnambulism---is an easily recognized but often misunderstood disorder. Though it occurs more often that most people may think it does, the proper way to deal with it is plagued with myths and urban legends. This is, in part, due to the varied ways it has been portrayed in popular media through the ages; from the dark and guilt-ridden final appearance of the titular character in Shakespeare's Macbeth,…

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Debunked: 'Stay in Bed to Fall Asleep'

By Maria Ramos / November 11, 2017
Debunked Stay in Bed to Fall Asleep featured image

We've all been there, some more than others. If you've ever had trouble falling asleep the night before an important day---you might have been worried about a work presentation, a tough exam, or an early flight you need to catch---you've probably tried just lying down with your eyes closed, hoping to somehow trick yourself into drifting off. You may also have tried silently resting in…

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Sleep & Bipolar Disorder

By Maria Ramos / November 10, 2017
Sleep and Bipolar Disorder what is it

It is always important to get a good night's rest; and if you don't get this regularly, be sure to pay attention to how long you've gone without it. Any negative changes in sleep architecture and schedule for two weeks or more is cause for concern! While many unavoidable and relatively easy to manage things can contribute to sleep problems---jet lag,…

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Sleep & Depression

By Maria Ramos / November 9, 2017
Sleep and Depression depressed man

Before anything else, it's important to note that depression is not the same as sadness---though the latter can be a symptom of the former. If you feel sad or anxious sometimes---especially while or after experiencing something that is traumatic or otherwise negative---you can rest easy knowing that this is just part of being a human being. It's normal to react…

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Debunked: 'Resting Is as Good as Sleeping'

By Maria Ramos / November 5, 2017
woman awake in bed

Imagine waiting for an important telephone call while you're exhausted or jet lagged, or being at an office with a "no naps" policy after burning the midnight oil. Or any situation where you couldn't sleep but sorely needed the relief that comes with it. Is simply resting enough? What's being debunked here is the idea that sleeping is equal to resting in a state described…

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Debunked: 'Yawning Is a Sign of Sleepiness'

By Maria Ramos / November 3, 2017
Debunked Yawning is a Sign of Sleepiness featured image

This one isn't so much a myth as it is an incomplete statement. Not surprising, as yawning is one of the least understood behaviors observed in humans. This is a better way to put things: "Yawning may be a sign of sleepiness, although this is not always the case." Humans yawn a lot, and in many different locations and situations. Why…

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What's a Charpai?

By Maria Ramos / October 22, 2017
Charpai bed

Jump to: What Is the History of the Charpai? What Does the Charpai Look Like? How Is the Charpai Made? How Is the Charpai Used? Charpai Alternatives: What Can Be Used Instead?   The charpai (Hindi: चारपाई; Urdu: چارپائی) is a traditional handwoven bed from the Indian subcontinent. It goes by many names, and the most common are variations of…

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What's a Petate?

By Maria Ramos / October 21, 2017
What's a Petate close up

Jump to: What Is the History of the Petate? How Is the Petate Made? How Is the Petate Used? Petate Alternatives: What Can Be Used Instead?   Before mattresses were commonplace, sleeping surfaces all over the world were much simpler but also more artisanal. The typical local precursor of the mattress is the handwoven mat. While there are occurrences of this item in…

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What's a Baníg?

By Maria Ramos / October 15, 2017
What's a Banig close up

Handwoven mats are by no means unique to a single culture or country. Traditional ways of of weaving and dyeing mats have been passed down and celebrated in places like Indonesia, India, and Mexico---all across the globe. However, the materials used differ; as well as the common varied uses and enduring popularity of each kind of mat. This article will be focusing…

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What’s a Japanese Futon?

By Maria Ramos / October 12, 2017
Emoor Japanese Futon

The most important thing to know about the Japanese futon is that it is different from what we think of as a futon in the US. It is not the space-saving sofa bed popular with college students, although it is likewise flexible. The Japanese futon is actually typically thought of as a set of items: a shikibuton (敷き布団) and a kakebuton (掛け布団); often accompanied…

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What's a Murphy Bed?

By Maria Ramos / October 11, 2017
Bestar Nebula Wall Bed opened

Even if you didn't grow up in a home with one, the Murphy bed is easily recognizable due to its peculiar nature and instructions for use, not to mention depictions of it in popular entertainment. Murphy beds are featured in many comedy classics, from silent Charlie Chaplin films to Three Stooges scenes, and even more contemporary media like the film Who Framed…

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Breaking Bed: Hammocks, Futons and More

By Maria Ramos / October 11, 2017
dormitory bed

Most of us sleep on a bed; and, occasionally, the couch. But even though most beds are simply a combination of a mattress and a surface---an adjustable base, bed frame, box spring, foundation, platform, or the floor---some configurations and designs are better for certain situations. For example, bunk beds and trundle beds have multiple mattresses and are often found in shared bedrooms to maximize…

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Sleep & ADHD

By Maria Ramos / October 8, 2017
Sleep & ADHD featured image

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 5% of children in the US have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); and according to the National Institute of Mental Health, 4.1% of the adult population suffer from it, too. In children, it's more common in boys; girls are less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. However, in adults the prevalence is about…

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Sleep & Phobia

By Maria Ramos / October 7, 2017
woman sleeping in the dark

Many sleep problems are intertwined with many types of anxiety disorders. Some of the most debilitating examples of the latter are phobias, which are characterized by persistent and consistent fears of certain situations or objects. There is one condition that stands out in terms of both sleep health and mental health, as it sits right in the middle: sleep dread, also sometimes called…

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Sleep & Anxiety

By Maria Ramos / October 6, 2017
Sleep and Mental Health anxiety

Everyone's had a bad night or two. We're all familiar with tossing and turning, struggling to get some shuteye, and agonizing over the thought of not getting enough sleep and rest for the day ahead. For most people, this is an occasional problem that comes up before stressful and often important events---like entrance exams or work presentations. Others experience this right before or after a…

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Sleep & Mental Health: Two Sides of the Same Coin

By Maria Ramos / October 6, 2017
Sleep and Mental Health featured image

Everyone needs to get a good night's rest consistently. It's intrinsic to having a healthy lifestyle, and it's as important as watching what you eat and getting enough exercise. What some don't realize, though, is that sleep quality affects more than just physical health. To strengthen this point, let's look at the benefits of prioritizing a good night's rest. We all…

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Top 5 Exotic Natural Sleep Remedies

By Maria Ramos / October 1, 2017
camellia sleep remedy

There are close to 400,000 species of plants across the globe. It's no surprise that herbal medicine has flourished in many corners of the world throughout the ages, considering the amount of flora available. You may be familiar with some natural sleep remedies like Valerian or Lavender; and even the North American native Passionflower, which has been included in the formulations of several all-natural…

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How Do Vitamins Improve Sleep?

By Maria Ramos / September 24, 2017
How do Vitamins Improve Sleep bottles featured image

Jump to: What Is a Vitamin? Which Vitamins Affect Sleep Health? Vitamin B3 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin D   Because of the booming dietary supplement industry, in the past decade or so the health benefits of different herbs and organic compounds have been examined in order to further revolutionize formulations and product offerings. On top of bringing traditional herbal…

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How Do Amino Acids Improve Sleep?

By Maria Ramos / September 24, 2017
chinese green tea

Jump to: What Are Amino Acids? Which Amino Acids Help You Sleep Better? GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) Glutamine L-Theanine Glycine Tryptophan   Because they are essential to maintain and regulate our bodies and general well-being, amino acids have long been studied through the lens of many different sciences; from food technology to medicine. What Are Amino Acids? Let's brush up on our…

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What Is Mattress Off-Gassing?

By Maria Ramos / September 9, 2017
What is Mattress Off-Gassing surface close up

These days, buying a new mattress can be just a matter of going on the Internet, researching, choosing a product, and then making an online transaction. No driving, no footwork, no showrooms; just a few clicks, and then a few days or weeks of waiting until your new mattress is delivered straight to your doorstep. Usually, these new e-commerce companies ship…

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Can You Put a Mattress on the Floor?

By Maria Ramos / September 8, 2017
Can You Put a Mattress on the Floor Doing it the Right Way

If a typical person were asked to describe what makes up a normal bed, they would probably include---at the very least---a mattress and some sort of base, frame, or platform. The idea of putting a mattress on the floor is not too uncommon; but the decision to do so is often due to a lack of budget or space, or is thought of…

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Debunked: 'You Can Catch up on Lost Sleep'

By Maria Ramos / September 3, 2017
woman sleeping with open blinds

We learn about this myth very early in our lives, and carry it with us every day. "I'll sleep in on Saturday and Sunday," you tell yourself; as you burn the candle at both ends during exam weeks in school, during days and nights leading up to big presentations for work, even during jam-packed holiday getaways filled with adventures and planned activities. Exhausted, you sleep…

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Debunked: 'Daytime Naps Aren't Good for You'

By Maria Ramos / September 2, 2017
Debunked Daytime Naps Aren't Good for You baby sleeping on hammock

To cut to the chase: Don't believe the myth. Done the right way, daytime naps can be good for you! This is you cue to stop feeling bad for nodding off in the middle of the day. Relax! Napping is normal, and even an important part of many cultures and societies throughout the world; such as most of Spain, or rural Norway. Several studies have confirmed that many…

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What's a Pregnancy Pillow?

By Maria Ramos / August 31, 2017
What's a pregnancy pillow boppy slipcovered pregnancy body pillow

Pregnancy pillows, also called maternity pillows, are a very specialized kind of orthopedic pillow. Over the nine months of a pregnancy, an expectant mother will experience many difficulties. On top of other changes---new vitamins to take, a modified diet to stick to, activities that need to be toned down, new clothes because old ones don't fit---there is the very real problem…

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What’s a Husband Pillow?

By Maria Ramos / August 27, 2017
woman reading and man looking at phone side by side both using brown husband pillows

Jump to: Why Is It Called a Husband Pillow? How Does a Husband Pillow Work? What Does a Husband Pillow Look Like? What's the Best Kind of Husband Pillow? Alternatives: Bed Rest Pillow, Reading Pillow, or Boyfriend Pillow?   Feminists and generally woke individuals, we know you're rolling your eyes! The term “husband pillow” can be misleading and non-inclusive, but…

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Debunked: 'Older People Need Less Sleep'

By Maria Ramos / August 13, 2017
Debunked Older Peopler Need Less Sleep featured image

There is a little bit of truth at the heart of this sleep myth. Infants, children and teenagers do need much more sleep than adults. The National Sleep Foundation recommends up to 17 hours of sleep for newborns! The sleep duration period lessens gradually as children get older, but even teenagers can need up to 10 hours. However, once people are properly grown up, sleep…

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Debunked: 'The Snooze Button Is Good for You'

By Maria Ramos / August 6, 2017
Debunked The Snooze Button is Good for You featured image

We have some sad news: Hitting the snooze button is not good for you. In fact, being dependent on your alarm clock's snooze function just leads to that morning crankiness, grogginess and sluggishness that none of us enjoy; and that feeling of tiredness and lack of energy can even stay with you throughout the day. We know how you feel. We loved…

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Debunked: 'Counting Sheep Induces Sleep'

By Maria Ramos / August 4, 2017
Debunked Counting Sheep Induces Sleep featured image

Counting sheep does not help you fall asleep. We're all familiar with this mental exercise: visualizing and counting an endless number of imaginary sheep jumping, one by one, over a fence. Yes, it's mindless and simple; as well as repetitive and rhythmic---but it just doesn't work. However, before we go into why that is, let's look at why and how this sleep myth has…

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Sleep Myths Debunked: Sweet Dreams Are Made of Zzz's

By Maria Ramos / August 3, 2017
pitcher of milk

When it comes to sleep, everyone has something to say. Having trouble sleeping? Drink a glass of warm milk. Still tossing and turning? Count imaginary sheep. These may sound familiar to you---examples of typical sleep advice based on anecdotal knowledge handed down from generation to generation. You may have heard one of more of these from your grandparents, parents, older siblings,…

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What's an Orthopedic Pillow?

By Maria Ramos / July 30, 2017
Leachco All Nighter total Body Pillow sample image

Jump to: Orthopedic Pillow vs. Normal Pillow Wedge Pillows Neck Pillows Lumbar Pillows Knee Pillows Cervical Pillows Body Pillows   [caption id="attachment_3145" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Bed Wedge Pillow, via Amazon[/caption] First things first: Is it orthopedic or orthopaedic? Some hospitals and medical schools have departments devoted to orthopaedic surgery. Specialists are called orthopedists, though! Relax. Both spellings…

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What's a Takamakura?

By Maria Ramos / July 29, 2017
What's a Takamakura old japanese picture

Jump to: What Is the History of the Takamakura? How Does the Takamakura Work? What Does the Takamakura Look Like? Do People Still Use the Takamakura Today? Takamakura Alternatives: What Can Be Used Instead?   The takamakura (高枕) is a Japanese pillow with a long and storied past. It's known for its peculiar design, as well as its connection to geisha (芸者) culture.…

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What's a Bamboo Wife?

By Maria Ramos / July 28, 2017
What's a Bamboo Wife korean jukbuin

A bamboo wife is a long and hollow bolster that is roughly comparable to the human body in size. True to its name, it's almost always made out of thinly cut bamboo strands---if not, it's usually another material that's easy to weave, like rattan. There are several bamboo wife variants, ranging in length and circumference, as children and adults have different needs…

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What's a Dakimakura?

By Maria Ramos / July 23, 2017
dakimura kawaii anime pillow

Jump to: Dakimakura vs. Body Pillow Dakimakura in Anime and Manga Culture Dakimakura Length: 150 or 160 Centimeters? Where to Find a Dakimakura Online   A dakimakura (抱き枕) is a type of pillow originating from Japan. The name literally translates to “hug pillow”: daki (抱き) means “to embrace” and makura (枕) means “pillow”. These bedtime companions are often compared to or mistaken…

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What's a Beauty Pillow?

By Maria Ramos / July 22, 2017
What's a Beauty Pillow juverest sleep wrinkle pillow

There’s no universal definition for the beauty pillow; in fact, in many cases the term is treated as a product name instead of a widely accepted pillow type. Sometimes called an anti-aging pillow, the beauty pillow is designed for vanity more than comfort---though of course the latter is still important. What Does a Beauty Pillow Look Like? Every beauty pillow on the market…

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Pillow Talk: Bolsters, Cushions and More

By Maria Ramos / July 22, 2017
Pillow Talk different types of pillows

No, this is not an article about that kind of conversation. Leave the intimate dialogues and heart-to-heart exchanges at the door. This is real, actual pillow talk! We're going to examine all the different kinds of those fluffy, cuddly things that often share your bed-space---and we don't mean lovers, partners or pets. There are as many types of pillows as there are types of mattresses; like there…

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The Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Mattress

By Maria Ramos / July 22, 2017
Mattress Manuals white bed featured image

Mattress shopping is hard! Online mattress-in-a-box companies have made things so much easier than going to showroom after showroom to try out dozens of beds, sure; but it's still not as easy as you think it's going to be when you start the process. Once you set your mind to it and begin to read up on mattresses you're thinking…

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What's a Dream Pillow?

By Maria Ramos / July 15, 2017
What's a Dream Pillow featured image

Dream pillows---small, soft cloth bags filled with a blend of aromatic ingredients---are also called comfort pillows, sleep pillows or herb pillows. They are similar to sachets filled with potpourri that are traditionally placed in closets, dresser drawers, with stationery packs and even hung on doorknobs; the point is to impart a pleasing scent to the atmosphere of the enclosed space.…

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Q's for Zzz's: How Does Asking Questions Help You Sleep?

By Maria Ramos / July 5, 2017
question face

It depends on the questions, really. Are you asking the right ones? Think of all the sleep-related questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Those topics---and much, much, more---are what Q’s for Zzz’s is meant to tackle, one at a time. In the Internet age, there’s often an instant information overload when you search for things. Go on, try it. Questions…

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When Is the Best Time to Go to Bed?

By Maria Ramos / June 30, 2017
man sleeping on bed during the day

Jump to: What Are Chronotypes? What Do Chronotypes Have to Do with Bedtime? What Are the Factors that Determine Your Ideal Bedtime? What Does "Bedtime" Really Mean?   The quick answer to the title question is the obvious one---when you feel sleepy---and to some degree, it’s correct! In an ideal situation, you should sleep when you feel yourself winding down.…

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How Much Sleep Should You Be Getting?

By Maria Ramos / June 30, 2017
How Much Sleep Should We be Getting recommended hours for all ages

Jump to: What Is the Recommended Amount of Sleep for Your Age? How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need?   First of all: Why should you care if you’re getting enough sleep? We all know that a good night's rest is important, but sometimes we need some reminding. In fact, some people think it's a mark of pride to be…

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Light & Darkness: How Do They Affect Sleep?

By Maria Ramos / June 30, 2017
How Does Light Affect Sleep Bedroom Window

Jump to: How Does the Body Respond to Light? How Does the Body Respond to Darkness? How Does Technology Affect the Relationship Between Light and Sleep? How Do You Manage Light Exposure for Better Sleep?   Light and the absence of it affect the way you sleep more than you know. Human bodies have a built-in physiological response to light…

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How Do Diet and Sleep Affect Each Other?

By Maria Ramos / June 30, 2017
How Do Diet and Sleep Affect Each Other food on bed

What you eat and how you snooze are deeply intertwined. In turn, the relationship between dietary and sleep habits influences overall health. Let’s look at it from both sides and explore how we can improve. How Does Diet Affect Sleep? One of the immediate differences you will observe is a change in your sleep pattern---and it goes both ways. Heavy…

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Valerian & Its Top 4 Pairings for Better Sleep

By Maria Ramos / June 30, 2017
Valerian and Top Common Pairings chamomile

Jump to: Valerian Root: An Introduction Valerian Root & Chamomile Valerian Root & Hawthorn Valerian Root & Hops Valerian Root & St. John's Wort   When it comes to sleep and medical botany, there are very few plants as well-known as Valerian. It is frequently used both on its own and blended with other herbs or plant extracts. Though not a North American native, it…

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