Nested Naturals LUNA Review

Everything about Nested Naturals checks out; and when we trust the company, it's easier to trust the product. Not that the natural sleep aid doesn't stand on its own: LUNA is mild, non-addictive, vegetarian, and even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

By Maria Ramos
Last Updated: August 17, 2018

Founded in 2014, Nested Naturals—originally known as IntraNaturals—is no veteran of the natural dietary supplement industry by any means; but what it does not have in years, it makes up for with a reputation of transparency and excellence. The company is not only accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a rating of A+; but also partnered with non-profit organization Vitamin Angels, a charity that provides vitamins to mothers and children suffering from malnutrition in over 65 countries worldwide. Vancouver-based Nested Naturals does its sustainable product design and cruelty-free formulation in Canada; but all the supplements are made in the USA, and tested to meet FDA and USP standards.

The company’s best-selling product is its main sleep aid, proprietary melatonin-based blend LUNA. Apart from this, there are two other products offered by Nested Naturals that may be classified as sleep aids.

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Nested Naturals LUNA is a gentle, natural and non-habit forming sleep aid that comes in vegan capsule form. This dietary supplement was specifically developed for people struggling with insomnia, poor sleep quality, morning grogginess, and sleep pattern adjustments—including jet lag—as well as stress and tension. Its formulation encourages sleep onset, lessens nighttime disruptions, and promotes restful slumber and an energetic start to your day upon waking up. Overall, it is meant to reset and fix your sleep-wake cycle, so bedtimes will become more regular and the proper amount of hours of sleep becomes routine.

As should be done with every potential dietary supplement addition to your everyday intake, please consult a trusted healthcare professional—preferably one that is familiar with your medical needs and history—about taking LUNA. While Nested Naturals does rigorous testing on its products to ensure that they all meet FDA and USP standards, dietary supplements are not actual medication. These over-the-counter products are not intended to be taken as a cure or treatment for any symptoms, diseases or disorders. Rather, they are—by definition—additions to your day-to-day habits that may provide beneficial effects.

What’s in It?

In every vegetable-based soft gel capsule—no animal bones or marrow here—is a harmonious blend of natural ingredients that is meant to help your body get more sleep and relaxation.

The formulation includes calming herbs—such as Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Hops and Valerian Root—and amino acids GABA and L-Theanine; topped off by a mineral and a hormone: Magnesium and Melatonin, respectively.

back of sleep aid Nested Naturals LUNA bottle showing supplement factsThe inclusion of the plant extracts are a nod to traditional folk medicine; the herbs in the formulation have been used for centuries as relaxants and soothing sedatives. L-Theanine is also well-known and beloved in another form—it’s actually found in green tea. GABA, on the other hand, is naturally produced and used by the body as a neurotransmitter; although it’s also found in certain fermented food, such as cheese or sourdough, as this 2012 review notes. These two amino acids help to regulate anxiety and relax the mind; which, in turn, help with sleep onset and duration.

Each dose of Nested Naturals LUNA also contains 10 mg of Magnesium—way below the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of between 300 mg to 400 mg for adults—because it’s been shown to help people sleep.

Finally, there is Melatonin; a natural hormone so popular as a sleep aid that numerous companies sell it in many forms as a single-ingredient dietary supplement. This final ingredient is meant to encourage a healthier sleep-wake cycle; so your sleep patterns regularize and stay intact even when you are experiencing a lot of stress and disruption: jet lag, shifting work schedules, unexpected evening activities, or even unavoidable worries and anxieties.

What’s the Dosage?

Nested Naturals suggests a dosage of up to two capsules, and as it is a sleep aid, it is meant to be taken daily a little before bedtime. One of its purported effects is faster sleep onset, so make sure that you do not need to operate any sort of machinery or drive any kind of vehicle after you take a dose. Instead, just lie down and be still, while waiting for sleep to come.


Although Nested Naturals LUNA does not need a prescription, it is definitely designed for adults. It must be noted there is a separate but similar Nested Naturals product that is meant for children: Nested Naturals LUNA Kids. It features flavored and chewable tablets; as well as a milder and simpler formulation. LUNA Kids contains no amino acids, no Magnesium, and less Melatonin—just 0.2 mg per tablet compared to 3 mg found in one Nested Naturals LUNA capsule. Here’s a pro tip: If you find that you still experience morning grogginess even with a half dose of LUNA, you may also find relief in using LUNA Kids. Nested Naturals also has a dietary supplement called 5-HTP; a simple formulation designed to increase serotonin levels, with its sole ingredient derived from African plant Griffonia simplicifolia. This may be a better option for you if the cause of your sleep troubles lies in anxiety and stress; as opposed to other factors. Also, it may be best to avoid taking LUNA is you are pregnant, nursing, or suffering from a serious medical condition.

What Are the Side Effects?

The company does not tackle this issue specifically on the official website, likely because it makes a big deal out of the fact that their products are tested extensively and contain no GMO or animal-based ingredients. Thus, there is less to be worried about in terms of allergic reactions and unexpected side effects. However, it would still be prudent to arm yourself with information and look up the active ingredients separately; you and your doctor should evaluate each element and consider your possible sensitivities based on your medical records, and even potential interactions with maintenance medication. Note that in rare cases even the mildest herbs, like Chamomile and Lemon Balm, can cause allergic reactions.

back of sleep aid Nested Naturals LUNA bottle showing warnings and dosageNested Naturals already offers an alternative for adults sensitive to larger doses of Melatonin, albeit a repurposed one, through LUNA Kids. This may also be the case for adults who take large amounts of Magnesium daily. If you’re sensitive to the herbal components, though, you’re out of luck—unless it’s Passionflower or Hops, which are both absent in LUNA Kids. Also worth mentioning is that fact that Valerian Root may cause morning grogginess and uncomfortable vivid dreams; though in a proprietary blend like this, one hopes that constant testing would be enough to find an ideal dose. Also, ingredients with more significant sedative effects—in Nested Natural LUNA’s case, that would be Hops, Passionflower and Valerian Root—can affect medical readings and interact with other drugs, so it’s best to avoid taking LUNA a few weeks before a scheduled checkup or surgery.

How Easy Is It to Purchase Online?

There is no store locator on the official Nested Naturals website, so there’s no way to know except through vigorous Googling if Nested Naturals products are available in a physical store near you.

However, Nested Naturals has its own online store, and the company even ships internationally. You can pay using a major credit card; the store lists VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Shipping isn’t free, but it is convenient; you can tack on an additional fee for USPS Priority if you’re in a hurry. If for some reason you don’t want to order directly from the company, you can try Amazon; Nested Naturals LUNA is also listed there.


Although Nested Naturals hasn’t been around long, it’s already made a name for itself as a a company that cares—about its staff, its customers, and the world in general. When it comes to product design, the company asserts that it puts people and the planet first. This means that Nested Naturals formulations are backed by research, study and evidence, on top of a firm scientific foundation. Putting out placebos isn’t the Nested Naturals style. Efficiency matters, because the health and wellness of their staff and customers matter. The healing power of natural products is not a reason to carve out a one way street, however. Nested Naturals is also adamant about being cruelty-free and environmentally conscious; sustainability and ethical production are part of the company’s standard operating procedure. Each dietary supplement under the Nested Naturals line is non-GMO and many are also vegan.

How Is Its Quality Assured?

Quality control and third party testing: that’s how Nested Naturals makes sure that every dietary supplement it puts out is top of the line. Quality control requires premium and pure ingredients, which in turn requires suppliers that provide them. To ensure that everything is on the up and up, Nested Naturals does pop-in site visits from time to time; and even though the quality is assured by the suppliers, the company is still obsessive about testing samples constantly. Even when using herbs, Nested Naturals prefers standardized extracts as opposed to powdered form, because the former’s quality is easier to test. As for internal conditions, cleanliness and efficiency are paramount. All products are gluten-free and made in a NSF-certified GMP facility. While FDA standards should be a high enough bar, the company sets it higher. All Nested Naturals formulations and their ingredients comply with California Proposition 65, which is one of the strictest in setting acceptable limits of heavy metals, vitamins, and other potentially unsafe—if unregulated—materials. Even more tests, trials, and validations are conducted while manufacturing is ongoing. At the end of the process, all batches are sent to a third party laboratory for analysis and evaluation.

How Effective Is It, Really?

The numbers look pretty good. Nested Naturals LUNA has several customer reviews up on the company’s official website, right under the purchase link; and while those may be chosen specifically because they are positive, there is also a prominent link to LUNA reviews on Amazon—where a whopping 78% of over 3,500 customers rated the product four or five starts out of five. Negative reviews were mostly the simple “it didn’t work for me” variety; but a few did report uncomfortably vivid dreams, migraines and even increased difficulty sleeping. Curiously, one of the most common complaints about dietary supplements—an unpleasant smell—was absent in all the customer reviews. In fact, some reviews noted a sweet smell; likely a blend of the herbal scents.

Nested Naturals lifetime guarantee text description on green backgroundHow Is Customer Support? Is There a Return Policy or a Guarantee?

Customer Support is unparalleled. You can contact the Nested Naturals Customer Care Team through sending them an email—both a contact form on the official website and an email address are provided—or engaging in live chat through their Facebook Page. You can even call a toll-free telephone number; the line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The best part, though, is that Nested Naturals has a Lifetime Guarantee. Not happy with the purchase? Contact Customer Care and the company will refund your entire purchase. It’s that simple. There have even been cases on Amazon—yes, even though the company has its own online store to manage, its Customer Care Team interacts with Amazon customers buying their products from there, too—where the company has actually commented on negative customer reviews to remind people of the guarantee.


Price points will not be the same everywhere. For example, as of this writing: On the official website, it’s $21.95; on Amazon it’s the same, but there are applicable discounts that significantly lower the price. Nested Naturals LUNA is sold as a bottle containing 60 capsules; which is good for 15-30 days of regular use, depending on how sensitive your body is to the formulation.

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The Lifetime Guarantee is a pretty compelling reason to try out this product; especially since even without it, Nested Naturals Luna isn’t even all that expensive. We also greatly appreciate the brand’s social partnerships and apparent transparency when it comes to how they do business. It just feels good when you know you’re supporting a company that’s not a faceless, emotionless corporation. However, and we cannot stress this enough: Please do talk about this with a trusted healthcare professional. Self-medicating, even with dietary supplements, can be dangerous. While the effectiveness of this product—and, indeed, many other supplements—seems like the norm, there are always special cases and unforeseen interactions with preexisting medical conditions or concurrently taken drugs to worry about. Be safe; consult your doctor first.