Nicety Necessities: 5 Guest Bedroom Essentials

By Maria Ramos
Last Updated: June 5, 2019

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Setting up your spare bedroom for visiting friends and family? It can be embarrassing to invite people over and have your hosting ability not up to snuff! Make sure that you’ve got all details covered, big and small.

It may help to think of your guest bedroom as a DIY hotel room of sorts. You’ll probably use the space for storage most of the time, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep some bare essentials on hand for when visitors do come around.

Here’s a checklist of items that are necessary for your guests feel cozy, comfortable and relaxed.

1. A Bed You Would Use

It’s tempting to set up your guest room with your old mattress, but only do this if said mattress is still comfortable. If you replaced your old mattress because it was lumpy and/or unable to support a full night’s sleep, don’t subject anyone else to that experience.

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

Can’t afford a new bed? An air mattress could be a great alternative. Not only are they more affordable, but they’re also versatile space savers. You can keep an air bed in storage when you’re not hosting, or take it with you when you’re camping. Check out the Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed ($56.99 on Amazon) if this sounds appealing to you.

If space is the issue, as opposed to budget, you may also look into getting a murphy bed or a japanese futon.

2. Extra Bed Linens, Blankets & Pillows

Some people like sleeping surrounded by a lot of pillows. Some people prefer throw blankets—like the Bedsure Grey Knit Throw Blanket ($21.99 on Amazon)—to comforters. Hosting a couple? Some like sharing the bed but not sharing comforters.

Bedsure Grey Knit Throw Blanket

Additional bed accessories tucked away in a cabinet or arranged in a basket tell your guests that you care about giving them options to make themselves feel at home.

Having one or two extra sheet sets in the closet is also a great idea if you’re hosting visitors on an extended vacation.

3. Luggage Rack or Bench

Visitors staying for more than a day come with luggage, so it makes sense to provide a surface for them to unpack easily—like the Casual Home Luggage Rack ($30.99 on Amazon). You don’t want them to empty their bags while sitting on the floor! Sure, they can use the bed, but sometimes suitcases can be too heavy to lift onto a mattress.

Casual Home Luggage Rack, Walnut

A foldable luggage rack is affordable and portable. Set it up at the foot of the bed before your guests arrive. They may keep their luggage on it for the duration of their stay or fold it up and put it away in a corner or inside a closet once they’ve unpacked their clothes.

Sorbus Storage Ottoman Bench, Black

You may also opt for a bench with drawers or a bottom shelf. Multi-functional furniture is always a plus! For example: The Sorbus Storage Ottoman Bench ($49.99 on Amazon) can be a luggage rack, seating surface, and storage space all in one. This is ideal for small guest rooms with that may not come with adequate closet space.

4. Hangers & Hooks

You don’t want your friends and family living out of their suitcases the entire time they’re staying at your home. You should always have a few quality hangers ready for guests to use—no cheap wire ones, please. Wooden ones like these Casafield Suit Hangers ($19.99 on Amazon) are a great choice.

Casafield 20 Natural Wooden Suit Hangers

Of course most travel clothes can be stowed away in drawers or cabinets, but hangers keep clothes from getting wrinkly. That’s truly essential if your visitors are in town to attend an important event. Pro tip: Providing hangers cuts down on the chance that your guests will need to use a steam iron.

InterDesign York Metal 5-Hook Over-the-Door

Over-the-door hooks such as the InterDesign York Metal 5-Hook Over-the-Door ($19.99 on Amazon) are also a great addition if you’re entertaining during jacket or sweater weather. Hooks are easy to install and make up for minimal or no closet space.

5. Towels & Toiletries

Towels are a must! Whether or not your guests bring their own, do lay out a complete set of towels for them. Be sure to include bath towels, hand towels and washcloths—in the same print and/or color if possible. The Utopia Towels 8 Piece Towel Set ($22.99 on Amazon) or something similar would suffice.

Basic toiletries should be part of your guest bedroom setup. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner should be available in the bathroom. If it’s a shared space, you can arrange these accessories in a box or basket.

Utopia Towels 8 Piece Towel Set

You can fill the box and basket with other things, too. Not essential but much appreciated optional items: aromatherapy candles, bath sponges—even a hair dryer and/or a steam iron. You can even add unique things that your guests will enjoy. For example: If one of your guests is a child, consider adding age-appropriate reading material or toys.