Best Mattress Reviews

By Mario Esposito
Last Updated: September 7, 2022

On a budget and looking to purchase a cooling mattress for a picky sleeper? The flippable Layla mattress, with its dual comfort levels and copper-infused memory foam, might just be perfect for your needs.

Rank 1
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We love Nectar's affordability, soft but supportive mattress design, and very generous sleep trial and warranty. It would be remiss of us to ignore bad press and transparency issues, though. Read full details.

Rank 2
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In the market for a mattress that's a step up from the usual, but don't want to spend extra time and legwork to find a luxury option? The DreamCloud mattress---with its generous sleep trial and warranty period---could be your best bet.

Rank 3
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The Leesa mattress looks good and feels good; and helps you sleep better at night in more ways than one! A risk-free sleep trial and return policy, coupled with Leesa's social initiatives, make every Leesa mattress purchase worth it. 

Rank 4
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If you're a fan of the flagship Leesa, you'll absolutely LOVE the Leesa Sapira mattress. We especially love the lack of heat retention and the close to zero motion transfer!

Rank 5
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The Casper Essential is a no frills but perfectly serviceable foam mattress, backed by everything that makes each Casper mattress great: A generous 100-night sleep trial, a 10-year warranty, and excellent customer service.

Rank 6
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With constant innovations, a risk-free sleep trial, and an easy return policy backed by stellar customer support, Casper's trailblazing approach has revolutionized mattress shopping online.

Rank 7
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The Brooklyn Aurora is not as easy or as painless a purchase as other mattress options, but what it offers---if it ends up being truly compatible with your needs---is worth the trouble. If you don't mind a little bit of hassle, there's no reason to not give the Brooklyn Aurora a fair shot.

Rank 8
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Looking for an innovative mattress that features non-invasive sleep tech? The Bear mattress is extra cooling, extra supportive, and extra worth it for the price you pay---and it comes with a standard 100-day sleep trial, too.

Rank 9
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Do you sleep hot? The GhostBed Luxe may just be the answer to your prayers---if you can afford it. While it's pricier than other bed-in-a-box alternatives, keep in mind that this luxury variant is no starter mattress.

Rank 10
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A combination of what makes the Original Purple mattress unique and the power to choose your comfort level makes the New Purple mattress a superior, if less affordable, Purple choice. Interested? Learn all about the New Purple here.

Rank 11
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Tuft & Needle's simple but customer-friendly approach has resulted in a well-received, sturdy, reliable and overall above average mattress for a very much affordable price.

Rank 12
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If budget is not an issue, and you care about sustainability and a worry-free setup, Loom & Leaf may offer the ideal online mattress purchase for you. This is not you ordinary mattress-in-a-box offering; in fact, it doesn't even come in a box!

Rank 13
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The budget-friendly Brooklyn Bedding Bowery mattress offers great comfort for great value. But remember to pay attention to the fine print, as it only takes one misunderstanding to turn a good deal into an unintended headache.

Rank 14
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Eight may be famous for their sleep tracker, but they also have a solid lineup of mattresses. Which is the one for you: the Saturn, the Jupiter or the Mars mattress? Find out here.

Rank 15
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The Casper Wave is luxurious as it is ergonomic---and yes, it's a foam mattress. While the price point may be higher than we'd like, there's a lot to love here.

Rank 16
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Though by no means the best deal out in the market, Brooklyn Bedding offers the convenience of the bed-in-a-box business model without sacrificing individual creature comforts and preferences.

Rank 17
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Very affordable, risk-free and great quality---there's little to complain about when it comes to the Endy mattress. Unless you are looking specifically for above average weight capacity or a little bit more of a plush feel, this may very well be your best bet.

Rank 18
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The innovative Original Purple mattress is a polarizing product that you will either love or hate. Recommended for adventurous and patient sleepers with a hankering for extreme pressure relief.

Rank 19
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A solid and purportedly long-lasting mattress from a reputable company, the GhostBed is nevertheless not without issues. Affordable and great value--but only if you live within the contiguous United States.

Rank 20
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While available information on the official website leaves a lot to be desired, the Amanda smart mattress nevertheless provides great value and good sleep technology.

Rank 21
Read the Full Review on Amanda Sleep

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How Do You Pick A Perfect Mattress?

Let’s be clear: Picking a mattress that is perfect for you needs to be an extremely personal endeavor. After all, you will be using that mattress almost every day for the foreseeable future! Most likely, you will also be paying for it.

While reviews and referrals will help narrow down the list of possibilities, in the end it all comes down to what you want and how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re not happy with the mattress you’re sleeping on, chances are you won’t get a good night’s rest—and we don’t want that, do we?

How Can Our Mattress Reviews Help?

We here at Good Night’s Rest hope that every review we do shines a light on both the pros and cons of each mattress in question. We’re intent on giving you the crucial information you need to ease your decision-making process. However, we never want to make the final choice for you!

How, then, do we go about judging and ranking mattresses in an objective manner? Good Night’s Rest finds that there are four major elements that need to be examined closely.

Guided by our format and this criteria, we scour the Internet—for press releases, verified customer reviews, etc.—contact the mattress companies, and sometimes even test the mattresses ourselves, if possible. Each review is an easy to read summation of research that you should be doing for any purchase that will affect your daily life.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Mattress?

Remember when we said that we have a criteria that we follow when we write our mattress reviews? We’ll be talking about the four elements we look at here.

1. Mattress Specifications

By this we mean the physical aspects of the mattress, like size and thickness. This is a huge part of our reviewing process, and is further split into three subcategories: materials, construction and innovation.

  • Materials – Every mattress type has a different set of components that affects its properties. What you can find out here: Heat and motion transfer indices; resistances to mold growth, bug infestations and fire; non-toxic, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking qualities; and synthetic, organic or natural origins.
  • Construction – This is an extension of what we said above. If materials affect mattress properties, it follows that the way it’s put together does, too. Luckily, construction is typically a selling point for mattresses—particularly for hybrids and new designs—so you will definitely be able to look this up.
  • Innovation – When it comes to innovation, we’re talking about stuff that re-imagines mattresses as we know them; like Purple’s mattresses with their multi-patented smart grid designed top layers made out of ultra-durable polymer, or even Eight’s sleep tracker.

2. Available Mattress Customizations

If mattress specifics focus on the product, this criterion focuses on preferences. This is where you come in!

As we don’t know what your preferences are, we usually rank mattresses that provide more customization choices higher. Our working theory is that the more it can be tailored for individual needs, the better it is objectively—for everyone. This criterion has two subcategories: physical fit and personal fit.

  • Physical Fit – Customizations dealing with how the mattress interacts with inanimate objects fall under physical fit. What kind of support structure are you looking to use? What mattress size do you need for the bed to fit comfortably in your room?
  • Personal Fit – Customizations dealing with how the mattress interacts with you fall under personal fit. Here’s where your subjective notion of comfort and firmness come in. Overall weight and ease of handling goes here, too. How hard will it be for you to move it around for cleaning or periodical rotation—based on both your fitness and financial means?

3. Mattress Brand Performance

We’ve looked at the product itself, as well as how well it can fit your preferences. Not comes brand performance, which is exactly what it sounds like. This demands that we examine a mattress brand’s promise and potential. We look at three subcategories here: reputation, purported durability, and customer service.

  • Reputation – This often comes from one of two things: a long and untarnished history of excellence or consistently solid performance in reviews and consumer reports. Certifications and endorsements matter, too!
  • Durability – Another typical selling point of many mattresses is their usable lifetime, which is directly connected to durability of both the materials and the design as a whole. The better the reputation of a manufacturer, the better the odds that their purported durability is more fact than fiction.
  • Customer Service – Great customer support allows you to fully understand and experience the best of what a product has to offer. For example: warranties and return policies. A good warranty can significantly offset the pain of a not-so-affordable cost. A generous return policy, on the other hand, allows individuals to tests mattresses themselves—sometimes for months.

4. Mattress Price

After product, price, promise and potential comes the last P: Price! Often, mattress shoppers are working with a set, non-adjustable budget.

Even if a mattress has everything you need, if the price is not right, it’s not going to be what you pick. Because of this, we do tend to rank mattresses of companies with financing options higher than those that don’t—unless the latter’s price points are already affordable.

As mentioned earlier, a great warranty—friendly terms and long duration is what we’re looking for—can also balance out a cost that’s a little on the pricey side.