Nectar Mattress Review

We love Nectar's affordability, soft but supportive mattress design, and very generous sleep trial and warranty; but it would be remiss of us to ignore bad press and transparency issues. Read full details.

By Maria Ramos
Last Updated: August 17, 2018

Let’s get this out of the way, since it’s bound to come up: Nectar, like Casper and Purple, has had its share of negative publicity along with its quick rise to the top. While the latter’s troubles stem from disagreements and legal battles with mattress review websites, Nectar’s problem is mainly its poor customer service—further complicated by major shipping and delivery delays early in 2017. We’ll touch on this more later.

California-based Nectar is a strange one, even without taking into consideration the negative press. We spent quite a bit of time looking for the basic details of this company online—who the founders are, when the brand was launched, where the flagship product is manufactured—and curiously, all the information we found was vague at best. It is definitely a very new company; the official Nectar website lists the copyright date as 2017, and its official Facebook page started posting content in September 2016. Nectar maintains that they are 100% employee owned, and that among their staff are industry veterans that have been involved in memory foam mattress development the last decade and a half. Their “world’s most comfortable” mattress is said to be the culmination and result of the combined experiences and expertise of the members of the Nectar team.

Nectar Mattress Product Specifications

The vast majority of these new e-commerce bed-in-a-box startups offer hybrid foam mattresses, and Nectar is no different. The 11-inch Nectar mattress is composed of three separate layers of foam, with an additional fourth layer quilted into the top of the cover. The types of foam used are approved by CertiPUR-US, and the main textile used is certified by OEKO-TEX. Though three of the four layers are made of varied memory foam, Nectar’s main product is said to be firmer and a little bouncier than other memory foam mattresses. This is one of those “one mattress fits all” designs, too; and it comes with more than a few of the typical proprietary or otherwise specialty materials that many of Nectar’s competitors lean into heavily as a selling point.

Nectar Mattress review

What’s Inside?

Quilted into the cover is the first layer of a premium, proprietary and patented gel memory foam called Lush Foam, one inch thick before being sewn with the fabric; with a density of 4.0 PCF (pounds per cubic foot). The cover overall provides both comfort, cooling and initial pressure relief. The mattress contours to your body shape without sacrificing breathability or support.

The three-inch second layer is also made of Lush Foam; but with a density of 3.5 PCF. Together with the mattress cover, this layer provides all of the benefits of high quality memory foam with none of the usual complaints. Contour and conformity of the material doesn’t come without adequate support; and while there is hardly any bounce, it provides enough firmness and even weight distribution so that you don’t sink in too much. It sleeps cool and steady, too. There’s low heat or motion transfer, which means that there’s a better chance that you’ll get uninterrupted, restorative sleep.

The one-and-three-quarters-inch third layer is made of another special material: adaptive Hi Core memory foam. Very dense and heavy, this thin layer dramatically increases pressure relief and aids in the response and recovery of the material when it comes to weight and motion. This provides excellent support and acts as a good transition from Lush Foam to the bottom base material.

The five-and-one-quarter-inch foundational layer is made of high density support foam, with a density of about 2.2 PCF. Though not the thickest around, it is one of the densest—beating out even GhostBed‘s already exceptional 2.0 PCF base layer. Most mattress designs have foundational foams hovering at around 1.8 PCF. In general, higher density translates to an increase in expected durability, longevity and stability; and also deep compression support that can reinforce contour provided by upper layers. Nectar claims that this dense bottom is also very breathable.

There is no mention of a separate fire sock, but we do know that Tencel—discussed in detail below—has flame retardant properties. We reached out to Nectar to ask them about the specifics of their flame retarding measures within the mattress design, and here’s what they said: “Our flame retardant is a proprietary sock that’s just under the cover. In the event of a fire, the sock melts on itself and suffocates the oxygen needed for the fire to burn.”

More on the removable mattress cover: We already know that Lush Foam is quilted in on the top. The fabric that is used all over is likewise special—it’s specially milled cotton blended with something called Tencel, made by Austrian company Lenzing Fibers. Not only is Tencel skin-friendly and hygienic; it’s also absorbent, cooling, highly breathable and very soft. The design is monochrome for the most past, but it does have a blue trim at the edges. You can unzip and spot clean the cover anytime, or have it dry cleaned; although we need to point out that it is not deemed machine washable.

Nectar Mattress review

Preferences & Other Points To Consider

Like many of its industry counterparts, Nectar offers free shipping and handling within the US, as long as it’s in the lower 48. Orders that need to be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and other US territories will come with additional fees.

The Nectar mattress is available in six standard US mattress sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. The company markets the product as an 11-inch mattress, but one of those inches is quilted in and therefore compresses, resulting in an overall mattress height that may sit somewhere between 10 and 11 inches. For such a dense mattress, it’s surprisingly average in terms of weight; ranging from the 45-pound twin to the 89-pound California king. To compare: Nectar’s queen is around 74 pounds, which a little heavier than Leesa‘s queen but a little lighter than Casper‘s.

What Can Be Used with Nectar Mattress?

The official website, in describing the product, claims that the Nectar mattress works with every single bed support type: adjustable bases, box springs, divans, frames, platforms, and the floor. The very last option concerned us, because in the highly publicized “Forever Warranty” the company offers, it specifically states that you must use “a platform . . . or other suitable bed frame”. Nectar customer support cleared this up for us:  “You can lay Nectar directly on the floor and it will not void the warranty.” Nectar customer support also specifies that adjustable bases are appropriate, as long as they’re not split style; and that slatted bases must have slats no more than one and a half inches apart.

Nectar mattress works with every single bed support type

Nectar Mattress – How Easy It Is to Set Up?

Placing an order on the official Nectar website and receiving the delivery at your doorstep should be painless, if the company has resolved their back-order situation, as they claim they have. They also offer a white glove delivery service that has people set up the new mattress for you upon delivery, as well as handle the removal of your old one—although a number of disgruntled customers have complained online that they never received this service despite ticking the box for it before checkout.

Unlike the typical bed-in-a-box product, the Nectar mattress doesn’t actually come in a box. The rolled, plastic packing material-protected and compressed mattress comes in a bag with handles for easy transport and mobility before setting it up—very similar to Purple’s way of packaging. You simply take it out of the bag, place it on your bed base, and unroll. As soon as you remove the plastic and straighten out the mattress, it will start to expand. There may be a “new mattress smell”, which will eventually dissipate in a few hours or days; if you are particularly sensitive to the odor, you may want to leave the mattress in a heavily ventilated spare room to air it out properly. Should you get the the free memory foam pillows that Nectar sometimes bundles into the purchase, note that these will off gas a little, as well.

Nectar Mattress - How Easy It Is to Set Up?

What’s the Weight Capacity?

The weight capacity of the Nectar mattress is not explicitly mentioned anywhere on their official website—one of several basic details that we’ve found to be missing. Upon contacting Nectar, we cleared this matter up in a matter of days. Customer support states: “The weight capacity for the Nectar Sleep mattress is maximum 650 [pounds].” Also worth noting that the Nectar mattress is very dense, which is likely an indicator of a more than reasonable weight limit.

How Does Nectar Mattress Feel?

As previously noted, the Nectar mattress is one of those “one mattress fits all” models. This means, of course, that there will always be comments of the “Goldilocks” kind—too soft, too firm, not what was expected. That’s par for the course when it comes to these new e-commerce mattress startup products. If you are used to innerspring or latex mattresses, the Nectar mattress may be too soft for you; if you are a huge fan of the traditional memory foam mattress, the Nectar mattress may be a little firm. Overall, though, it seems that this is a subject that not many customers complain about. Additionally, the cooling aspect does seem to be the one thing everyone can agree on as working as advertised.

Promise & Potential

Truthfully, the promise is high but the potential for a purchase to be completely satisfactory isn’t something we would bet on. This is not solely based on the almost overwhelmingly negative online feedback the company got for the way they handled the months-long shipping delays their customers experienced earlier in 2017. There are more things that bother us! The amount of information that we can’t easily find—on Nectar’s official website or otherwise—is alarming. Most industry counterparts are transparent when it comes to their founding, origins and launch date; not Nectar. Most are also transparent when it comes to where and how their source materials and assemble products; again, not Nectar. We couldn’t even find the weight capacity listed. There’s also the very high customer review ratings on their site, compared to very negative reviews elsewhere. Why the stark difference?

Customer support—or the lack thereof—is what’s usually mentioned in the product’s negative customer-written reviews, as we mentioned earlier. While the company insists that the main issue has been resolved, we noticed that there is still a glaring problem. For a company that provides both a White Glove delivery service, a purportedly industry-leading warranty, and a similarly extreme sleep trial, their customer service options aren’t easily searchable. We had to check their Facebook page to confirm that Nectar does have a telephone number and an email address that you can use to contact them for queries and concerns. This information should be in the official site’s header, footer, or even in their FAQ; but it’s nowhere to be found. When we contacted them directly, their response was thorough but not immediate; it took them one day to respond through Facebook messaging, and two days to respond via email.

Nectar Mattress promise & potential

How Easy Are Returns? How Good Is the Warranty?

Nectar offers a “Forever Warranty”, though this is more of a branding tactic than an actual definition of the mattress warranty you do get. Read the fine print before making a decision. Note that the warranty, like many others like it, does not cover normal wear and tear or even accidents. It only covers defects, which—with daily use, especially—you will probably notice and feel within the first 10 years, at which point you can have it replaced by the company. Past the first 10 years, you may have it repaired; or you may keep it and get a brand new Nectar mattress for half the cost.

There is also the amazing 365-night sleep trial, though the shipping issue has turned this very generous feature into something of a joke. Still, there is something to be said about an offer that gives you a whole year to decide if the product is something you’d like to keep. If at any point before the end of the trial period you feel that the Nectar mattress is not right for you, a return can be made and your payment will be refunded 100% on the day the mattress is picked up. The company claims that less than 3% of their customers end up returning their mattresses–although this may not include the flurry of canceled orders from March to July 2017, as due to the long and unexpected wait, many chose to just ask for a refund before actually receiving the product.

Returns are said to be difficult; and that’s not hard to imagine, what with the state of the availability of Nectar’s customer support. However, positive feedback regarding this—usually dating before the back-order issue, or way after—does exist. It may be that Nectar simply experienced a huge surge in orders and didn’t anticipate it well, leading to incompetence due to a lack of proper staffing and structure. Whatever the case may be, we’ll have to recommend everyone to be cautious when it comes to this part. If you decide to go with a Nectar mattress, do establish communication lines quickly and make sure that the company responds.

Nectar Mattress Price

As of this writing, the queen-sized Nectar mattress is available for $795–actually only $670, and with purportedly two pillows added to the package, taking into account a very limited offer.

Nectar Mattress – Team Verdict

Here at Good Night’s Rest, our goal is to put together all the important information about a product and present them in a logical and easy to digest review format. We look at official press releases, customer reviews, and contact product makers for clarifications. Sometimes, the Good Night’s Rest team is lucky enough to test the products we review—and that’s when we feel confident enough to include what we call a team verdict, which reflects personal experience, rather than accumulated research. 

This section contains the personal Nectar review of Benjamin, who tested the mattress with his girlfriend and GNR team member Maia.

Nectar Mattress - Team Verdict

Low Motion & Heat Transfer

We absolutely love our Nectar Mattress! Having recently moved in together, we were sleeping on a spring mattress and movement transfer was a big issue. We kept waking each other up in the middle of the night. Nectar has completely solved that issue. Movement transfer on the Nectar mattress is virtually zero. I wake up earlier than my girlfriend and she doesn’t even know I’m gone. Regarding heat transfer: The mattress is warmer than a spring mattress, but we like it!

We absolutely love our Nectar Mattress

Comfort Without Sacrificing Support

The mattress has a great balance of support and softness. It is 11 inches thick, as advertised. The top layer molds nicely to your body while the bottom layers provide more firm support. Edge support is fantastic. I was concerned we would not be able use the whole bed and would roll off the bed when too close to the edges, but that’s not the case. I was also surprised to see that we could stand on the bed without sinking very much. The different layers explained on the website that are used to make the mattress seem to provide for quality construction. Nectar is a bit softer than other foam mattresses which we’ve tried which was a big plus.

Easy Setup, Slight Off-Gassing

Opening the package was pretty easy. It will take two people to move the mattress in place, but after it’s where you want it, the unwrapping process was super simple. They even include a packaging opener for you:
Nectar Mattress include a packaging opener
The mattress did off gas a slight odor, which was explained in the instructions. They claim it’s non-toxic. The smell stayed for over a week, but that could be because we didn’t let it air out as instructed as we were eager to use the bed on the first night.

Nectar Mattress - Opening the package was pretty easy

Additional Items

Extra bonuses: They include two memory foam pillows and that mattress cover can be cleaned easily! This was a great find and purchase. Very happy with it!

Nectar Mattress include two memory foam pillows and that mattress cover can be cleaned easily

Nectar Mattress Review – Conclusion

We can’t outright recommend this mattress with 100% confidence, despite our team’s very positive experience. Don’t get us wrong—we do think that the mattress design is very good!

We appreciate the use of gel memory foam, especially the quilted-in layer that adds to the lush and plush feel of the mattress top. It’s really comfortable! We don’t really mind if the mattress is made in China—some components are purportedly sourced from the Asian country—because Nectar assures us that everything is certified by Certipur-US and Oeko-Tex, anyway.

But three things puzzled us the most, on top of an already less than stellar initial impression from past customer reviews: the absence of a listed weight capacity, the lack of information regarding flame retardant measures in the mattress design, and the conflict between FAQ and warranty regarding putting the mattress on the floor.

We wrote to the company about all three, and have updated the review to reflect the new information they’re shared with us in their response—which was friendly, but not as immediate as we’d like and have come to expect as a result of dealings with similar companies.

We understand that it’s difficult to bounce back from overwhelmingly negative press, and we feel that Nectar is doing the best that it can with the resources they have. However, we also feel that it’s important to not completely rule out the chance that a back-order situation or a bout of unresponsive and overloaded customer service can happen again. If you are not under time pressure, then trying out Nectar is practically risk-free and a good idea. However, if you need a mattress in a hurry, it’s best to proceed with caution.