Best Sleep Aid Reviews

By Mario Esposito
Last Updated: May 15, 2019

Unparalleled affordability makes Natrol Sleep 'N Restore one of our top choices. It also helps that it's easy to find online and in physical stores, and that it's developed by an established company.

Rank 1
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Claiming to be the pillow of your dreams, Everpillow follows through with maximum comfort and perfect customization. On top of that, you'll also get some awesome freebies, guarantees, and a worthy cause to get behind.

Rank 2
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Everything about Nested Naturals checks out; and when we trust the company, it's easier to trust the product. Not that the natural sleep aid doesn't stand on its own: LUNA is mild, non-addictive, vegetarian, and even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Rank 3
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Try out NutraChamps DreamRite if you're searching for a risk-free, melatonin-heavy natural sleep aid formulation. With a lifetime money back guarantee, you can always return it for a full refund if it doesn't suit you.

Rank 4
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The high Melatonin content and the lack of a money back guarantee may dissuade some, but there's no denying that Source Naturals NightRest is one of the most tried and tested natural sleep aids out there. It's particularly recommended for people sensitive to Valerian Root, as its formulation does not contain the popular sedative herb.

Rank 5
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A good formulation supported by innovative time-release technology makes this sleep aid a Must Try! ORB's sleek look and 30-day return policy also get brownie points from us.

Rank 6
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Looking for a gentle sleep nootropic to boost your sleep health? Genius Sleep Aid is as good as a risk-free try, with the Genius Promise covering you for 90 days.

Rank 7
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Tired of dietary supplements that are hard to find, hard to swallow and smell funny? Vitafusion Melatonin is not only affordable and available in most stores, but also comes in the form of chewable and flavored gummies instead of capsules or tablets.

Rank 8
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If you're looking for a natural sleep aid with nootropic qualities, try Gorilla Dream. The 30-day return policy is not the best, but at least the option exists.

Rank 9
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Despite a lifetime guarantee and a great formulation that makes sense, Zenwise Health Sleep Support lacks the hand-on customer support and detailed FAQ that would truly make both the product and brand a cut above the rest.

Rank 10
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Gendered marketing and lack of detailed information aside, RMB Naturals Restorative Sleep Formula is a good non-sedative dietary supplement choice due to the company's well-rounded customer support and superior money back guarantee.

Rank 11
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Affordable, easy to find and coming from a company with decades of experience, Jarrow Formulas Sleep Optimizer is a near ideal dietary supplement choice for the sleep-deprived. However, it must be noted that there is no money back guarantee.

Rank 12
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We appreciate the 30-day money back guarantee, but there's not much that's noteworthy about 88Herbs Sleep-X otherwise. It may be a viable alternative for sleep-deprived people sensitive to Valerian root, though.

Rank 13
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How Do You Pick the Perfect Sleep Aid?

Sleep aids are a tricky thing to recommend. The state of your health is the most important consideration when it comes to finding a sleep aid that works for you, but reviews and other online resources don’t know you that way. Yes, this includes us, here at Good Night’s Rest!

We focused on natural sleep aids—which are actually dietary supplements and are not classified as actual medication—for this category, but this alternative route may not be for you. That’s fine! We do have one suggestion, though: Please consult a healthcare professional before taking any sleep aid. 

A doctor that’s familiar with your medical and sleep history would be the best option. We might not know all about your specific medical quirks, but they will. Ideally, your best sleep aid option should be a joint decision between you and your doctor.

How Can Our Sleep Aid Reviews Help?

We like to think of ourselves as an impartial third party! Here at Good Night’s Rest, we love everything about sleep—and that includes sleep aids. We may not have tried all of these natural melatonin-based sleep aids that we’ve reviewed, but we’ve done all the reading and research for you. Everything you need to know about each sleep aid is in their respective reviews.

The purpose of our sleep aid reviews is for you to have an easy way to look at all the information that you and your doctor will probably need to talk about before settling on a certain brand or formulation. The rankings reflect objective criteria, and should not be taken as a scale of sleep aid effectiveness.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Sleep Aid?

Let’s bring out that common refrain first: Consult your doctor. Apart from that, let’s look at what we consider when we’re reviewing these sleep aids. Hopefully this can act as a guide, should you be wondering what exactly you need to talk to your doctor about.

Worth noting that these reviews also include non-health related aspects. Remember the objective criteria we mentioned above? Examples of these concerns are product availability, price, and customer support—as well as the general temperature of verified customer reviews. Below is a more structured take on the core of our sleep aid reviewing process. You’ll see what questions we try to answer for each criterion.

1. Sleep Aid Formulation

No surprises here. With anything that you ingest, the first question should always be: What’s in it? The first move should always be to check the ingredients list. This eliminates non-viable options due to your gastric sensitivities, allergies, or diet restrictions. Is it safe for children? Is it vegan or not? Do any of the ingredients conflict with other medications you’re currently taking?

Formulation is more than just ingredients, though. Is the sleep aid in tablet form or in capsule form? Some may even be in gel capsule or gummi candy form. How does the form affect the way you take the sleep aid? Do some forms take effect faster than others? Is the sleep aid formulation a time-released one?

2. Sleep Aid Suggested Dosage & Side Effects

This goes hand in hand with the formulation. Does the suggested dosage work for you? (If not, don’t take more than what’s suggested, unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.) Some natural sleep aids give you some wiggle room—“one to two caps” and other similar directions—or take the “as needed” route. Make sure that you are only taking what you need.

Side effects are probably the most unpredictable part of taking natural sleep aids. We’ve made an effort to highlight some common complaints for each products, but you may find that your experience is unique or different. Again: Consult your doctor.

For the most part, though, common negative side effects of natural sleep aids are due to people being particularly sensitive to one or more ingredients of a supplement blend. For example: If you’re sensitive to Valerian root—some people report bouts of excessive grogginess or vivid dreaming while using this sedative herb—you should probably choose a natural sleep aid that doesn’t include it in its contents.

3. Sleep Aid Brand Performance

What do we mean by brand performance? This takes into account that the reputation of the sleep aid manufacturer is, and how well they respond to customers.

How long have they been around? Do they make other supplements or medicines? A sleep aid being made by a huge company with a household name isn’t necessarily a guarantee when it comes to choosing what’s best for you, by the way. What we really look for here, apart from great customer reviews, is an commitment or focus on sleep health.

Good customer service also helps. Can you contact the brand’s support team easily? Are they knowledgeable about the sleep aid? Though by no means standard, some of these natural sleep aids also come with money-back guarantees, which we appreciate a lot.

4. Sleep Aid Price

The final consideration is always going to be the cost of the product. Note that you shouldn’t look at the price tag, though. Instead, look at the cost per serving. Take the price and divide it by the number of capsules or tablets listed. You may find that some sleep aids are more expensive because they come in bigger bottles or packages.