4 Pajama Party Outfits for Kids at Heart

By Mario Esposito
Last Updated: June 30, 2019

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Sleepwear doesn’t have to be all nightgowns and lingerie, or boxers and birthday suits. What you wear to bed should be what is the most comfortable for you, and we’re certainly not opposed to that. But what if you’ve got company?

By company, we don’t mean a hot date—we’re thinking more along the lines of a sleepover or a slumber party. Maybe you’re hosting a Star Wars movie marathon. Maybe you and your friends are pulling an all-nighter to finish a school or work project. Maybe you just want to have a low key wine and cheese night! Whatever the case may be, we’ve got our recommendations below.

What do you wear to a wholesome pajama party for grownups?


You may know this garment by another name. Even before Kim Kardashian appropriated the word for her shapewear line, “kimono” was–and still is—used to refer to robes. Keep this in mind when searching for robes in online retail sites.

Comfortable and versatile, robes can be used for a variety of situations. Terry cloth ones are used after bathing or swimming to absorb water and keep you warm. Smoking jackets—which are really just luxurious short robes—were traditionally worn by men smoking after dinner, to protect their clothes from the smell of pipe or cigar smoke.

Robes are low maintenance but still decidedly sleepwear. They’re ideal for solo lounging or for having a few close friends over for a slumber party, especially if the weather’s unpredictable. You can take it on or off easily, and have comfortable clothes underneath.

Old Shanghai KIM+ONO Women's Kimono Long Robe

Satin Robes

While you can certainly splurge and look for 100% silk robes, satin ones made from polyester are far more affordable. There is also a huge range of designs to choose from online.

  • The Old Shanghai KIM+ONO Women’s Kimono Long Robe ($38 on Amazon) is a one-size-fits-all affair with almost a dozen prints to choose from. The robe comes with a matching sash to tie it closed, and comes with side pockets, too.
  • The YIMANIE Men’s Silk Satin Robe with Shorts Set ($29.99 on Amazon) comes in sizes ranging from X-small to XXX-large, and features a dozen different prints. The robe has two pockets, and the included pair of shorts is made from the same material.

Noble Mount Men's Flannel Robe

Flannel Robes

While a satin kimono may still be used as layered outerwear, a cotton flannel robe is definitely just for wearing around the house. Warm and soft while still being breathable, these robes are perfect for those midnight Netflix marathons, or for answering the door when the pizza delivery guy arrives.

  • The Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Flannel Robe ($29.99 – $39.99 on Amazon) is made from 100% pre-shrunk and lightweight cotton. Comes with two front pockets to keep your hands warm or to hold small items. Also features an inside tie so you’re sure that the robe stays closed all the time—even if the sash comes undone.
  • The Noble Mount Men’s Flannel Robe ($29.99 on Amazon) is also made from 100% cotton, but instead of being pre-shrunk, it is designed with a size allowance to account for 5% shrinkage. Featuring soft brushed flannel and a shawl collar, it’s ideal for chilly nights.

Pajama Sets

There’s a lot of variety here. Tops can be anything from sleeveless tanks to long-sleeved button downs. Bottoms can be shorts or pants. The materials used range from satin, to flannel and even terry cloth. You may also notice that some retailers bundle a top and bottom with a robe to sell as a pajama set. Some pajama sets may also be tagged as thermals.

ENJOYNIGHT Women's Cute Sleeveless Print Tee and Shorts Sleepwear Tank Top Pajama Set

Tops and Shorts

Shorts are obviously for warm weather occasions. Consider packing pajama sets with shorts for summer beach trips! You will want to look presentable but not overdressed for post-dinner evening hangouts at a cabana, or maybe a lazy stroll by the shore.

  • The ENJOYNIGHT Women’s Sleeveless Tee and Shorts Pajama Set ($5.99 – $17.99 on Amazon) comes in fourteen fun prints, and can double as very casual daywear. The shorts features both an elastic waist and a drawstring, and sizes run comfortably large.
  • The Aibrou Men’s Short Pajamas Set ($24.99 on Amazon) comes in five different styles. All have shorts with an elastic waist and drawstring, like the ENJOYNIGHT set above. Some styles feature shirt pockets, while some don’t.

The Slumber Project Men's Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee and Jogger Pajama Set

Tops and Pants

This combination is probably what you think of when you think of pajamas. Traditional and expected, this is a good choice for theme parties and actual sleepovers. Consider this type of pajama set, too, if you and your friends or family are looking to spend all day or night hanging out and catching up at someone’s house.

  • The PajamaGram Button Up Pajamas for Women ($49.99 on Amazon) are made of double brushed jersey cotton with a little bit of lycra, which makes them doubly warm and soft. They’re sized a little large and designed to flatter every figure.
  • The Slumber Project Men’s Crew Neck Tee and Jogger Pajama Set ($32.00 on Amazon) are specifically for both sleeping and lounging. Made from a mix of cotton and polyester, it’s soft and lightweight without being flimsy. The bottoms are joggers with ankle cuffs and pockets.


Onesies are basically jumpsuits, usually long-sleeved. The single-garment design is best for cold weather, but may be a little troublesome if you sleep hot or are anticipating several bathroom breaks! This is ideal for chilly winter vacation nights, sipping drinks in front of a roaring fire. Also ideal for kids at heart, especially those with loud patterns and prints.

Just Love Printed Flannel Adult Onesie/Pajamas

  • The Just Love Printed Flannel Adult Onesie ($19.99 on Amazon) are made from flannel and come in seven fabric prints. These pajamas are machine washable and roomy, and not prone to shrinking. They’re also cuffed and not footed. While the designs are “girly,” they are tagged as unisex.
  • The SKYLINEWEARS Onesie Jumpsuit Pajama Playsuit ($29.99 – $34.99 on Amazon) comes in over a dozen solid colors, and like the Just Love onesie above, is cuffed and not footed. There are kangaroo pockets, as well as two zipper side pockets. They’re also tagged as unisex, but beware—reviews say the sizes run small.


“Kigurumi” is the Japanese term for costume or cosplay pajamas. They are like jumpsuits on steroids—typically very roomy, hooded onesies that are designed to mimic the features of a specific animal or creature. These are ideal for Halloween parties and comfy, all ages pajama parties.

Silver Lilly Unisex Adult Pajamas

  • The Emolly Adult Unicorn Onesie ($15.00 – $29.95 on Amazon) is unisex and comes in six styles. It’s made of polar fleece fabric that promises to be cozy but still breathable. The unicorn design includes a unicorn horn and tail. The onesie itself features a front button enclosure, ankle and wrist cuffs, and side pockets.
  • The Silver Lilly Unisex Adult Dragon Pajamas ($24.99 – $29.99 on Amazon) is also unisex. The dragon design includes a hood that shows eyes, nose and teeth; as well as a long horned tail. The material is polyester, and the maker suggests hand washing only. Like the Emolly onesie above, this garment is cuffed with two side pockets and a front button enclosure.