Eight Jupiter+ Mattress Review

It is not the Jupiter+ mattress design that is noteworthy, but the revolutionary sleep tracking technology that comes with it; though this modern approach to bedtime may not be for everyone.

By Maria Ramos
Last Updated: August 17, 2018

Formerly known as Luna and launched in 2014, New York-based Eight is a startup that hit the ground running with a crowdfunded smart sleep tracker that works as a cover slipped over a mattress. The futuristic product was marketed as the first tracker of its kind that isn’t a wearable device. The data collecting, as well as the Bluetooth and WiFi integrations, are accomplished by the mattress technology layer cover and the outlet-plugged hub connected to it.

In 2016, Eight added a compatible mattress to its line of products, designed and constructed based on sleep data collected by its sleep trackers so far. A year after that, Eight revamped their product line and released three mattresses of variable construction: the three-layer foam, firmer Saturn; the four-layer foam, former flagship Jupiter; and the hybrid foam and innerspring, more breathable and pressure-relieving Mars . While you can buy just an Eight sleep tracker or just an Eight mattress, the company does sell them bundled together. This review focuses on the Jupiter+—flagship mattress and sleep tracker technology in one purchase—as this offering’s retail value is not too different from those of mattresses offered by competitors such as Casper or Leesa.


The Eight Jupiter+ mattress is shipped in a two separate boxes containing three main components: the mattress, and the two-part sleep tracker’s mattress technology layer cover and hub.

First, let’s look at the mattress. Composed of four foam layers of differing types, the main body is then wrapped in a regulation-complying fire retardant sock. A breathable and elastic mattress cover made of white fabric further encases the foam. All in all, the four layers of CertiPUR-US approved foam add up to a thickness of ten inches.

image source: https://eightsleep.com/

What’s Inside?

The two-inch top layer of synthetic latex foam provides cooling, bounciness and overall comfort. It’s also hypoallergenic and fire retardant.

The two-inch layer directly underneath made out of memory foam. This second sheet of material provides the vaunted pressure relief and body contour that the memory foam is known for, without having to deal with any cons–such as heat transfer and too much body sinkage.

The penultimate layer is made up of two inches of transitional foam meant to provide additional support and aid in weight distribution throughout the surface of the mattress. It also creates a graduate shift of material density from the memory foam to the thicker, denser bottom layer.

The final layer is a foundational block of support foam that is four inches thick and is designed to be the base of the mattress. It also provides the sleeper with deep compression support.

A fire sock encases the foam; finally there is the all white, thin polyester mattress cover.

Now, let’s look at the sleep tracker. The mattress technology layer cover is supposed to go over the mattress, but before your bed sheets. Within the cover are sensors that collect data, as well as heating elements. You can set the ideal temperature of your sleeping surface, and even set different ideals per side of the bed! Connected to this cover is the hub, which is in turn plugged into an electrical outlet. Apart from housing light and room temperature sensors, the hub is also what other devices connect to—particularly your mobile phone. You can control and access the sleep tracker from a mobile app, after all; and link it to smart home apps like Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue or Nest.

image source: https://eightsleep.com/


Worth reiterating at this point is that customers can buy an Eight mattress by itself, as well as the sleep tracker by itself. As long as you get a sleep tracker in the right size, it should fit and work with offerings of most other mattress manufacturers. We are reviewing the Jupiter mattress, but worth noting you may find one of the two other Eight mattresses more of a fit for you: The Saturn is more affordable and just as durable, though it is firmer and may suffer from a little bit more motion transfer than the Jupiter. The Mars is more expensive than the average online mattress, but does offer a hybrid design that allows for greater breathability and a softer feel.

Eight’s smart mattresses come in only four standard US mattress sizes—full, queen, king and California king—unlike comparable industry startups that usually offer six sizes. Although the Jupiter mattress itself is of average weight—anywhere from 70 to 100 pounds, depending on the size—it is on the heavier size of the spectrum if paired with the mattress technology layer cover, which adds another 13 pounds.

What Can Be Used with It?

Box foundations, box springs, flexible or solid slatted bases, platform beds and even some adjustable bases are all compatible with the Eight Jupiter+ mattress. Although most hybrid foam mattress manufacturers are quite emphatic about the importance of a flat, firm and solid surface—which takes classic box springs and flexible slats out of the running—Eight proudly states that the Eight Jupiter+ mattress fits all bases! The only limitation is the allowance you have to make for the sleep tracker. You’ll need to position the bed’s top left corner near an electrical outlet, or buy a fitting extension cord. Split adjustable bases are also an issue, as obviously the technology cover may be distorted or stretched.

image source: https://eightsleep.com/

How Easy Is It to Set Up?

Once you place your order, expect the boxes to arrive via front-door delivery in seven to 10 business days. The bigger box, which contains the mattress, has cut-out handles for easy transport from your doorstep to your bedroom. Like many of its competitors, Eight offers free shipping and free returns on top of a post-purchase 100-night trial.

Important to note here that the Jupiter mattress can be stored still in the box for only two weeks after it arrives; longer than that and its shape may be compromised. Unboxing and setting up the Eight Jupiter+ is accomplished in two parts. The mattress in the box is folded with the top layer facing in, and then rolled sideways; a great way to set it up is to gradually remove the plastic packaging with the compressed mattress already on the bed base. Once unrolled, simply unfold the mattress into position and wait a few minutes for it to expand and take its final shape.

At this point, you may want to remove the packaging material from the room and maybe open a window, if you detect that the distinctive, “new mattress” scent that is typically linked to memory foam isn’t going away as quickly as you’d like. During this time, you can unbox the sleep tracker. Once you’re satisfied with the off-gassing dissipation and the expansion of the mattress, it’s time for the next step.

image source: https://eightsleep.com/

To start using the sleep tracker, simply slip the mattress technology layer cover over the Eight Jupiter mattress–following the instructions printed on it, as direction and placement are important. Connect the socket on the paneling near the top left corner the hub using the provided wire. Plug the hub into an outlet, and then check for instructions online or in the pamphlet provided in order to sync your sleep tracker to a mobile app on your smartphone.

What’s the Weight Capacity?

The recommended weight limit is less inclusive than those of its competitors, going only up to 250 pounds per side instead of the more common 300-400 pounds. The recommended rotation turnover of the mattress is also faster at three months, rather than six; though this is optional.

How Does It Feel?

The Eight Jupiter mattress is usually described as being of medium firmness, which is comparable to many hybrid foam mattresses sold online and delivered in a box. The design does mostly live up to its all-encompassing design; of the negative reviews left on the product website, very few actually complain about the mattress. Those that do, though, either mention that the mattress transfers motion a bit more than desired or that it’s a little too firm. The less fortunate anecdotal experiences typically involve the sleep tracker; whether it’s the hub resetting randomly or flat out needing to be replaced, or the mattress technology layer cover increasing the firmness and trapping heat.


Like Purple, Eight started as a crowdfunding darling. Its acclaim and reputation, though not brought on by longevity and a history of excellence across the years, is nevertheless far-reaching. However, it’s worth noting now that Eight has a lot to live up to; because, with the smart mattress, they’re essentially selling your two products that can both disappoint or underperform in the long run. If you are not the type to go all in when it comes to new technology and unproven trends, Eight’s products may not sit well with you.

image source: https://eightsleep.com/

How Easy Are Returns? How Good Is the Warranty?

The Eight Jupiter+ does come with a generous return policy and a 100-night trial, which provides a measure of safety and comfort to those that want to take the plunge and try out this revolutionary product pairing. You can also take advantage of Eight’s customer support options—live chat on the product website is fast and responsive—if you have any questions you’d like cleared up before purchasing. This is a good thing, especially because the site seems to be missing a help or FAQ section. Another issue that’s easy to overlook here is the fact that Eight has separate warranty time periods: 10 years for the mattress, but only one year for the sleep tracker.

Should you choose to return the product, customer service representatives will work with you to arrange for a mattress pickup—it will either be donated to a local charity or sent to a recycling center—and also for a return of the sleep tracker, which you may need to accomplish yourself. Once Eight has verified the returns, you will be issued a full refund of your purchase.


A queen-sized Eight Jupiter+ mattress costs $1099—thought it is being sold for $949 as of this writing, due to an time-limited applicable discount on the site. Promos like this are not uncommon in the online mattress industry; for longevity’s sake we will refer to the actual and not discounted price of other products mentioned in this section. By itself, an Eight Jupiter mattress of the same dimensions is only $899—great value for a mattress-in-a-box product—while a queen-sized Eight sleep tracker is $399. Overall, you save $199 when you buy the Eight Jupiter+ mattress package even without the discount, as opposed to making two separate purchases.


Who is the Eight Jupiter+ mattress best for? If you are below 250 pounds and enjoy a bed that sleeps cool and is of medium firmness, you will probably like the Eight mattress. If you love new gadgets and enjoy electronic interconnectivity—if you have a smart thermostat or smart appliances, for example—you may also want to take the Eight sleep tracker for a spin. With a 100-night trial that’s practically risk-free, there’s no reason not to check it out. Here’s a pro tip, too: If you purchase any Eight smart mattress bundle, you can avail of the 100-night trial—and you can even do partial returns; if you like the mattress but not the sleep tracker, or the other way around. This is the only way to be able to test the sleep tracker for up to 100 days. If you purchase just the Eight sleep tracker, you still get free shipping, but only 30 days to test the product and possibly avail of the return policy.