Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review

The Brooklyn Aurora is not as easy or as painless a purchase as other mattress options, but what it offers---if it ends up being truly compatible with your needs---is worth the trouble. If you don't mind a little bit of hassle, there's no reason to not give the Brooklyn Aurora a fair shot.

By Mario Esposito
Last Updated: January 5, 2019

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There’s more to Brooklyn Bedding than its online mattress store. The Arizona-based company is not your typical trendy startup! Their story begins more than 20 years ago with brick and mortar mattress liquidation store R&S Mattress, and picks up steam in 2000 when the company is reborn as mattress manufacturer Brooklyn Bedding.

Currently, Brooklyn Bedding owns and maintains their own manufacturing facility in the US, as well as their own online store, on top of selling their products through large online retailers like Amazon. The company has a product line featuring different mattress models, and they ship out hundreds of mattresses every day.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress on wooden bedframe

This review focuses on their luxury cooling mattress: the Brooklyn Aurora. Worth noting that we’ve also taken a look at both the company’s starter mattress and their flagship mattress.

How does the Brooklyn Aurora stack up against other Brooklyn Bedding offerings? Let’s find out below.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Specifics

There’s a lot going on here. The Brooklyn Aurora is said to be a luxury hybrid mattress that features Brooklyn Bedding’s standard customization options, as well as advanced cooling and exceptional comfort.

US-made in Brooklyn Bedding’s own factory, it’s also a relatively affordable top quality product. The company has control over how materials are sourced and handled, as well as how the mattresses are constructed. Direct delivery from their own facility to your doorstep also cuts costs considerably.

All foams used to make the Brooklyn Aurora are CertiPUR-US approved, even the patented Energex and Titanflex foams.

What’s in a Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress?

Four foam layers and one pocketed coil system layer make up the interior of the Brooklyn Aurora, adding up to a luxurious 13.5 inches. The stack of materials is then encased in a chemical-free fire sock made of a fabric blend with silica, and then wrapped in a two-tone stretch knit mattress cover. Rayon, polyester and TitanCool make up this cover, which is spot-clean only and not washable.

Let’s go from top to bottom and look at the inner layers of the Brooklyn Aurora before delving into the specifics of the mattress cover’s purported cooling properties.

  • 1.5 inches of copper gel-infused Energex foam with TitanCool. This top layer provides responsiveness, pressure relief, and added cooling and antimicrobial features. Read our Brooklyn Bowery mattress review for more information on Energex foam. We cover the benefits of copper-infused foam in our Layla mattress review, as well. We’ll talk about TitanCool later on.
  • 2 inches of Titanflex foam. Adding comfort and even more targeted responsiveness, this second layer of hyper-elastic foam adjusts to your every movement—so you get a contoured feel without too much sinkage and hug. Need more details? We go in depth about Titanflex foam in our Brooklyn Signature mattress review.
  • 1 inch of gel memory foam. Apart from the typical bottom layer of base foam, this is probably the most familiar mattress component within the Brooklyn Aurora. It acts as a transition between foam and coil layers, with the memory foam’s visco-elasticity adding deep compression support, and the gel swirl adding even more cooling.
  • 8-inch Quantum Edge pocketed coil system. This layer is what makes the Brooklyn Aurora a hybrid mattress. It provides a lot of bounce and reactivity without the dreaded motion transfer—all due to carefully engineered and individually wrapped coils. Apart from motion isolation, the pocketed coils also allow for increased airflow, which helps with temperature regulation.
  • 1 inch of high density polyfoam. Like all bottom foam layers, this one provides a base to increase mattress durability and design stability. For the Brooklyn Aurora in particular, the foundational support is needed to reinforce the pocket coils above.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress interior

What Is TitanCool?

The patented and trademarked TitanCool is described by Brooklyn Bedding as a phase change molecule. Like all phase change materials (PCMs), it is thermo-sensitive. Brooklyn Bedding states that TitanCool keeps your body at 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

PCMs are not new to us. We previously encountered PCMs when we reviewed the GhostBed Luxe and its Ghost Ice fabric. Thermo-sensitivity means that the material reflexively senses heat upon contact with your body and absorbs what’s in excess to maintain a temperature ideal—in the case of TitanCool, it’s 88 degrees.

Both the Brooklyn Aurora’s mattress cover and top foam layer are infused with TitanCool, making it more effective at regulating temperature and providing you with a truly neutral environment for sleeping. Not hot, not cold, but just right.

Can You Customize the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress?

Yes! The Brooklyn Aurora is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king—all six standard US mattress dimensions. You can also choose a comfort level: soft, medium or firm.

Brooklyn Bedding even provides recommendations for each level, should be unsure of what you need. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Soft is recommended for side sleepers. Those needing or wanting more pressure relief and contouring around the body will also benefit from this comfort level.
  • Medium is recommended for active sleepers that change from back, side and stomach sleeping positions throughout the night. Couples with differing preferences may also find a good compromise of their wants and needs with this comfort level.
  • Firm is recommended for stomach or back sleepers. If you prefer a flatter sleeping surface and not much sinkage, this is the comfort level for you. As a bonus, you may also enjoy added lumbar support.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

The main consideration here is the price. The Brooklyn Aurora, though not the most expensive mattress in Brooklyn Bedding’s product line, is definitely not a starter option. However, you may justify the cost by looking at what you’re getting in return: customization, cooling and comfort. We also like the fact that it is proudly US-made and manufactured by a family-owned company.

If the Brooklyn Aurora turns out to be a perfect fit for you, it will likely feel like it’s worth more than what you shelled out for it.  Note that you can enjoy most of what Brooklyn Bedding has to offer without picking the Brooklyn Aurora, though. We’ve already mentioned the affordable Brooklyn Bowery and the flagship Brooklyn Signature above.

There are also two other Brooklyn Bedding luxury mattress models to fit specific needs. Prices listed are for queen sizes:

  • The Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid mattress ($1,439.20 on Amazon) is for those seeking a cleaner and more natural option. This 14-inch thick model features Talalay latex, sustainable Joma wool and organic cotton.
  • The Brooklyn Spartan mattress ($1,599.20 on Amazon) is for those wanting try out new advances in science. In addition to copper-infused Energex foam and TitanCool, the Brooklyn Spartan employs Nanobionic technology. Not unlike the Celliant technology of the Bear mattress we reviewed recently, this tech uses body heat and infrared light to encourage an active recovery process while you sleep.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress diagonal view on white background

Finally, there is a practical consideration to think about: the weight of the mattress. The Brooklyn Aurora is heavier than may of its industry counterparts. The Brooklyn Aurora queen is about 110 pounds! For comparison, the queen sizes of industry leaders Casper and Leesa are about 70 pounds each. Note that the Brooklyn Aurora’s mattress cover does not come with side handles, either.

Why is this important? Brooklyn Bedding recommends that their mattresses be rotated 180 degrees roughly twice  year. This is to even out wear and tear and possibly prolong the product’s usable lifespan, so this is a huge deal if you’re insistent on getting your money’re worth. If you’re not able-bodied or in the best of physical health—or living with someone who is—rotating the heavy Brooklyn Aurora at regular intervals may be a problem.

What Can Be Used with the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress?

Brooklyn Bedding recommends mattress supports that features little to no flex. Most box foundations, platform bases and slatted frames will do. Thinking of using a traditional box spring? We urge you to contact Brooklyn Bedding’s customer support to consult with them.

It’s also worth noting that Brooklyn Bedding has a whole product line dedicated to foundations that perfectly pair with their mattresses. If you’re not on a tight budget, you may want to consider buying one, as this can also help maintain the mattress warranty conditions.

How Do You Set Up the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress?

Like most online mattress purchases, the Brooklyn Aurora comes compressed in a box that will be delivered to your doorstep.

Once it arrives, unpack as soon as you can. Brooklyn Bedding warns against keeping their mattresses sitting in unopened packages for too long—the most that you can wait before quality may be compromised is about three weeks. If you really need to wait, some sources say three months is the upper limit, though decompression issues wouldn’t be uncommon upon unboxing.

How do you unbox the Brooklyn Aurora? It’s as easy as it sounds. Take out the compressed and rolled up product, lay it on your bed base, and then remove the packaging material carefully. Make sure that you tear up only the plastic covering.

The Brooklyn Aurora should begin to decompress immediately upon being freed from the plastic wrapping. Full decompression may take up to a full day, but it should look like a proper mattress in minutes.

Notice a new mattress smell? Whether or not you do, it’s good form to keep the area well ventilated for a few days. This goes for all foam products! One last thing: Brooklyn Bedding states that there is a break-in period for their mattresses, lasting around 30-45 consecutive nights.

What’s the Weight Capacity of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress?

As we’ve noted in previous Brooklyn Bedding reviews, the weight capacity of their mattress models is not prominently displayed or easily found in their FAQ. It’s a curious oversight that hasn’t been fixed in the years between the publication of our first version of our review of the Brooklyn Signature—then called the #BestMattressEver—and now.

We again sent a query to Brooklyn Bedding’s customer support to get a clear response, and to their credit, the answer was relatively prompt and succinct: “In a King or Queen size all of our mattresses are good for up to 900lbs total. The Twin, TwinXL, and Full size are good for up to 600lbs total.”

Brooklyn Bedding delivery boxes on white background

How Does the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Feel?

This is a tricky question because the Brooklyn Aurora can be customized based on what you want out of a mattress. Three comfort levels means that typical Goldilocks problems can be sorted out or at least anticipated even before your Brooklyn Aurora arrives. Because the Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid cooling mattress, there’s more than adequate heat dissipation and motion isolation built into the design.

Apart from misunderstandings concerning the sleep trial period—we’ll get to that later—one fairly common complaint that kept on coming up in customer comments had to do with the mattress cover.

Some people noted that the mattress cover was very smooth, to the point of being too slippery. Anecdotes pointed to this issue affecting various things, from the fit of bed sheets and to edge support. The fix is easy enough—just use thicker sheets also rated for the size of the mattress. Remember that the Brooklyn Aurora is bigger than usual at 13.5 inches deep compared to the usual 10-11 inches.

What to Expect When Purchasing a Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

This company has a track record spanning over two decades, and it remains family-owned to this day. We’ve mentioned these facts here and there throughout the review, but what has remained unsaid up to this point is this: That’s a long time! It may be conflation and not correlation, but there’s no doubt that more established brands just feel more reliable.

We’ve been reviewing Brooklyn Bedding mattresses since the early days of Good Night’s Rest, and what we’ve always appreciated was the company’s dedication to innovation. They started with just their #BestMattressEver. Now there are half a dozen mattress models, most of which you can further customize by preferred comfort level.

Brooklyn Bedding mattress models also keep evolving after launch. The company really does maximize the benefits of having their own manufacturing facility. If something can be improved, they will fold in that improvement, even if the product is already profitable. That’s the kind of professionalism and care for customers that we’ve come to expect from Brooklyn Bedding.

How Is Brooklyn Bedding’s Customer Support?

Customer support is sorely needed, as their official website’s FAQ is well-populated but not exhaustive in terms of the information provided. It’s a good thing that Brooklyn Bedding not only features a contact form on their website, but also a telephone hotline. There’s even live chat support, though it’s not 24/7. Though not lightning fast, their customer service reps are always helpful.

Should you feel like visiting them, Brooklyn Bedding’s office address is publicly stated. The brand also maintains a mattress showroom in Las Vegas.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress side view on white background

Does Brooklyn Bedding Offer a Sleep Trial, Return Policy and Warranty?

Brooklyn Bedding includes a full 10-year warranty with every mattress purchase. A warning, though: Their warranty conditions are stricter than others! Make sure to coordinate with customer support if you’re not sure of the appropriateness of your bedroom setup. It’s important that it fits not only your budget, but also the warranty conditions.

The 120-night sleep trial is generous, but it’s not without hiccups. Here’s what we don’t like:

  • The return policy is not activated instantly, as you need to wait 30 days for the mandated “break-in period” to run out.
  • The sleep trial doesn’t seem to apply if you don’t purchase a Brooklyn Bedding mattress directly from the company’s online store on their official website. For example: If you purchase on Amazon, you will still be covered by the retailer’s 30-day return policy, but that’s it. No trial period.

How Much Does the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Cost?

As of this writing, the queen size Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress at comfort level medium is available on Amazon for $1,359. It’s more expensive at their online store: $1,699.

If you really want the Brooklyn Aurora and you’d like to save a few hundred dollars, you may want to bite the bullet and order it through Amazon—keeping in mind that it won’t come with the sleep trial. After all, 30 days is enough to form an initial opinion. You can always return it before the Amazon’s return policy period ends.

Final Words on the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress

We love what the Brooklyn Aurora offers. The three C’s—customization, cooling, comfort—are very compelling reasons to give this mattress a try. Yes, it’s expensive and doesn’t come with its sleep trial if you order from Amazon, but it’s also great quality. Also: As long as there is still an attached return policy, all you have to do is be mindful and make the decision to return or keep it before it’s too late.

Brooklyn Bedding obviously put a lot of effort into the Brooklyn Aurora, and it shows! Two different patented foams, phase change material, and a pocket coal layer to make it a true hybrid mattress? Sign us up. The only real negatives are the lack of a sleep trial—which you can still take advantage of if you purchase from Brooklyn Bedding directly—and the weight of the mattress.

Bottom line: The Brooklyn Aurora is not as easy or as painless a purchase as other mattress options, but what it offers—if it ends up being truly compatible with your needs—is worth the trouble. If you don’t mind a little bit of hassle, there’s no reason to not give the Brooklyn Aurora a fair shot.