New Purple Mattress Review

A combination of what makes the Original Purple mattress unique and the power to choose your comfort level makes the New Purple mattress a superior, if less affordable, Purple choice.

By Maria Ramos
Last Updated: August 17, 2018

The New Purple is the latest mattress product release from Utah-based “sleep and comfort technology” company Purple; following the wildly successful and revolutionary flagship Original Purple mattress. The biggest difference between the two? While both mattresses are e-commerce products, the Original Purple is part of the “one mattress fits all” trend that many relatively new brands started with. In recent months, we’ve seen a wave of new and improved mattresses from these same brands—all featuring a way for customers to choose a preferred comfort level—and the New Purple is one such product. What’s interesting, though, is that the release of the New Purple did not signal the retirement of the Original Purple’s design. Both New and Original Purple mattresses are still on the market!

Want to contrast and compare the two mattresses down to the tiniest detail? You can check out out Original Purple mattress review first for reference, and then read on below for a full review of the New Purple mattress.

New Purple Mattress for the Family


The New Purple mattress is proudly made in the US; in fact, the assembly of all Purple mattresses happens in Utah. Many components are manufactured there, too. All materials used in the packaging and in the construction of the products themselves are recyclable, too! Like the Original Purple, the New Purple features the patented Smart Comfort Grid made of hyper-elastic polymer as its top interior layer. Unlike the Original Purple though, the New Purple features a pocketed coil layer.

The mattress cover has also been updated from the original. The top is what Purple calls a “comfort-stretch cover” designed to enhance and support the benefits of the Smart Comfort Grid—it’s breathable, light, stretchable, and made of a knit fabric blend that includes Polyester, Polyester-Lycra and Viscose. All around the mattress are what Purple calls “Plexus side panels” that are made of mesh-based but similar material that adds extra support and increases air flow through the product. The non-skid bottom of the cover is made of polyester. Purple recommends spot cleaning only—meaning that this mattress cover is not machine washable, as it may shrink—and using a stretchy mattress protector, which they also happen to have in their product line.

As for flame retardant (FR) measures, Purple notes in their FAQ that they do not use chemical treatments; although the wording in the official website was not clear on whether the mattress cover itself is fire resistant, or if there is a separate fire sock in between the cover and the mattress interior. At least, when we initially checked. We sent an email to their support team to ask for a clarification, and received a reply three days later: “The flame retardant cover is separate from the mattress cover and can be found between the mattress and cover. . . like clay, the materials found in the flame retardant sock will smother fire similarly.” They also added that both the Original Purple and the New Purple mattresses are fitted with the same FR measures.

New Purple Mattress Interior

What’s Inside?

The first layer is the Smart Comfort Grid made from FDA certified food-grade hyper-elastic polymer. The thickness of this layer ranges from two to four inches, depending on the comfort level you prefer. There are over 30 patents serve as the foundation for this technological innovation. The material is fully recyclable, as previously noted—as well as hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. The grid formation allows for intelligent flex and pressure relief; put simply, it’s firm where you need it to be firm and soft where you want it to be soft. Another benefit of the grid is that it allows for better air flow, and in turn, better cooling. To prevent the walls of the grid from sticking to each other, a light dusting of polyethylene copolymer—non-toxic and food contact-grade—is also present on this top layer.

Next is a half-inch layer of CertiPUR-US approved 2.0 density polyurethane foam. This thin layer mostly acts as a barrier between the Smart Comfort Grid and the next layer.

The seven-and-a-half-inch base layer is made up of a pocketed coil system. The 13.75 gauge coils are made of 95% recycled steel, and are encased in 2-ply Polypropylene fabric. The edges of this layer—because, of course, no one wants steel coils close to the edge of a mattress—also feature more of the 2.0 density poly foam, which adds to the New Purple’s improved edge support.

The bottom is another one-inch layer of 2.0 density polyurethane foam, likely to simply provide a foundation and springboard for the pocket coil system above it.

New Purple Mattress Comfort Levels


The New Purple is available in only five standard US mattress sizes: twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. Its thickness ranges from 11 to 13 inches, depending the thickness of the Smart Grid layer—which is that changes depending on your preferred comfort level. The New Purple.2 is 11 inches thick overall, with a two-inch thick Smart Grid, and is the firmest out of the three given levels—Purple recommends this level for back sleepers. The New Purple.3 is 12 inches thick overall, with a three-inch thick Smart Grid, and is what Purple calls the “sweet spot” that is ideal for sleepers that share the bed or change positions during slumber. Lastly, the New Purple.4 is 13 inches thick overall, with a four-inch thick Smart Grid; this level is the softest, with what Purple calls a “zero gravity-like” feel.

New Purple mattresses are much heavier than traditional hybrid foam mattresses, and even hybrid foam and innerspring variants, from competitors. For example: While a queen size Leesa mattress is 71 pounds and a queen size DreamCloud mattress is 95 pounds, a queen size New Purple.2—the thinnest of the New Purple options—is a whopping 122 pounds! That’s even heavier than a queen size Original Purple, which is about 110 pounds. Because of the way the mattress is constructed, they should not be flipped; although rotating a New Purple mattress even six months or so won’t hurt it—but it may prove difficult, due to the aforementioned heaviness of the product, as well as the fact that the mattress cover doesn’t come with handles.

What Can Be Used with It?

Any firm, flat and study solid surface will do. The New Purple mattress does not need a box foundation, and indeed is designed for a non-spring frame. Purple, of course, recommends its own Platform Base or adjustable Power Base; but unlike their mattress protectors and sheets that are way stretchier than others available on the market in order to properly support the patented Smart Grid of all Purple mattresses, there’s no deal breaking advantage to sticking to Purple products when it comes to what you lay your mattress on. It’s worth mentioning, though, that you need to be careful and meticulous about selecting a bed base if you want the warranty coverage and implementation to be beyond question. Read the warranty carefully and make sure that you fulfill the myriad requirements if you’re counting of making use of it.

How Easy Is It to Set Up?

This is another part of the process where you’ll find a difference between the Original and New Purple mattress. Shipping is free to all 48 contiguous US states for both, but the New Purple mattress also comes with complimentary White Glove Delivery—which means that Purple will take care of new mattress setup and even help you dispose of your old mattress. You can opt out of this free add-on, but we don’t recommend it. You will need extra help to move the New Purple mattress to the bedroom. Unlike the Original Purple, the New Purple mattress is not compressed when it is shipped and stored; without White Glove delivery expect it to arrive at your doorstep in all its uncompressed glory—in a flat and unwieldy box.

Because of the popularity of Purple as a whole, and the White Glove component of the majority of purchases, there could be unexpected wait times due to backlog and unavoidable setbacks. We’ve seen customer feedback on Purple’s social media addressing this; and although the official Purple website states that the home delivery of New Purple mattresses are scheduled within two weeks of online purchase, you may want to consider possible delays as a factor in choosing the New Purple mattress.

When you purchase a Purple mattress, shipping is free, but delivery can take time. Currently, the product website assures that orders ship within three to five days of purchase; but there has been a history of long wait times and backlog in the relatively short time that Purple has been around—typically due to high product demand. If you are in a hurry and in desperate need of a mattress right away, this may be worth considering.

You can use the mattress right away once it’s set up! Should there be a slightly sweet but faint “new mattress” smell—and we’ve seen no real feedback regarding this—just wait a few hours for it to dissipate. As all materials are recyclable and properly certified, there should not be excessive or harmful off-gassing.

New Purple Mattress Support

What’s the Weight Capacity?

None, according to Purple. They do also mention that Purple mattresses easily support the equivalent of 300 pounds per side—so for mattresses for sharing, that amounts to 600 pounds total. It should be noted, though, that here at Good Night’s Rest, we’ve found that heavier sleepers typically prefer thicker mattresses—which, for the New Purple, translates to their softest variant: the New Purple.4 mattress.

How Does It Feel?

If you enjoy the feeling of extreme pressure relief and like to sleep cool, you’ll probable love the New Purple mattress. As with the Original Purple mattress, we’ve found as we sifted through customer feedback that positive reviews are overwhelmingly positive—to the point of fanaticism—and that negative reviews, though few and very far between, are just as extreme. Basically, if the Smart Grid layer is not for you, you’ll know it within the first week of use! Good thing there’s a sleep trial. Another trend we noticed in the reviews is praise for the New Purple’s new and improved commitment to provide great edge support. The poly foam panels shielding the pocket coil layer likely has a lot to do with this, as well as the new side panels of the mattress cover.

New Purple Mattress Exterior


Now that Purple has more to offer that its Original flagship mattress—sheets, mattress protectors, platform bases, adjustable power bases, and of course the New Purple—there’s more cause to think of this company as an establishment that is reliable, solid, and not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s more than just a crowdfunding darling now; and it’s obvious by the trajectory of Purple’s ever-expanding product line that they’re building off their initial success in a steady manner. It hasn’t been ten years yet since its founding, so there’s no real anecdotal or third party evidence to support Purple’s claim that their mattresses last for a decade; but there’s the great track record of transparency and excellent customer support to fall back on. They keep on improving, too! When we reviewed the Original Purple mattress one year ago, it came in only four standard US sizes and Purple’s official website didn’t have a live chat support option. Today, all Purple mattresses comes in five sizes—the addition, by the way, was the full size—and there’s live chat support, although it’s not offered 24/7. Worth noting, though, that the response email we got back from their customer support team came after three days of initial contact. Not exactly lightning fast, but very helpful.

How Easy Are Returns? How Good Is the Warranty?

Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial with an attached return policy including a full refund. The company calls it their “No Pressure Guarantee” and unlike most competitors, the trial period starts upon delivery and not upon purchase. Although 100 nights is by no means industry leading—more of an industry standard at this point—the fact that the trial starts one the first day you can actually sleep on the mattress is much appreciated.

Not loving the New Purple and want to return the mattress? It’s as easy as contacting the Purple support team. The company will arrange and take care of all the details of mattress pickup; and they’ll even help you find a destination for it: typically a local charity or recycling facility. You will receive full refund once Purple verifies the recycling receipt or mattress donation. They do not take back used mattresses, even those returned early; as all their stock goes out brand new.

The 10-year warranty covers the stated usable lifetime of all Purple mattresses. Unlike traditional mattress, you should not expect a Purple mattress to last you beyond its limited warranty period. This makes the warranty all the more important and useful! Read it carefully and do make sure you don’t do anything to void it; as you don’t want to be throwing out a Purple mattress just a few years after purchase due to improper use.

Two New Purple Mattresses Side by Side


As of this writing, the queen-sized New Purple.2 mattress is available for $1,599—or around $97 per month if you avail of Affirm financing, though this is subject to a credit check and approval. Occasionally, Purple does offer discounts and other product freebies with every mattress purchase.

Also important to note: The New Purple.2 is cheaper than the New Purple.3, and the New Purple.3 is cheaper than the New Purple.4; which means that the thicker the Smart Grid and the softer the comfort level is, the higher the price point.


The New Purple mattress is not an easy sell by any means. It’s heavier, harder to move around, more expensive, and has a shorter usable lifetime and warranty period than traditional mattresses. And though we’re inclined to believe that Purple is in the right when it comes to the long and drawn out legal battle that it got embroiled in fairly near its founding, bad press is what it is—and it’s probably costed Purple more than a few customers already.

However, it is true that the Smart Grid is a real innovation, and the lack of weight capacity is an amazing claim. The cult-like passionate following inspired by the Original Purple—and even the New Purple, as we’ve seen many customer reviews stating that their New Purple is actually a personal upgrade from the Original—cannot be ignored, either.

The bottom line? If you’re the type to support innovation and future-facing technology, and you’re not on a tight budget, it’s worth trying out the New Purple mattress. Not only can you choose your comfort level, but you can try it out risk-free for 100 nights! You can always return it if the New Purple ends up being not for you.