Brooklyn Bedding Signature Mattress Review

Though by no means the best deal out in the market, Brooklyn Bedding offers the convenience of the bed-in-a-box business model without sacrificing individual creature comforts and preferences.

By Maria Ramos
Last Updated: November 15, 2018

At first glance, Brooklyn Bedding may seem like one of the rising crop of innovative bed-in-a-box e-commerce startups that have appeared in the online landscape in the last few years. With a catchy tagline paving the way for a well-oiled social media marketing and awareness campaign—#BestMattressEver; and yes, the # is included—it’s easy to assume that Brooklyn Bedding is the brainchild of the young, hip and digitally savvy. The truth: The company has deep roots in the mattress industry, with a somewhat similar story as competitor GhostBed. Who would have thought?

Arizona-based Brooklyn Bedding began as R&S Mattress, a mattress liquidation store founded in 1995 by Rob Merwin. At the encouragement of Merwin’s brother John, the company shifted to manufacturing their own products as Brooklyn Bedding in 2000. They put the products up on Amazon years later, then expanded to direct selling on the official Brooklyn Bedding website. In 2015, Brooklyn Bedding purchased a manufacturing facility and hopped on the “one-mattress-fits-all” idea that many of their counterparts were already touting as a selling point. The company is currently run by a staff of over a hundred people, and over a thousand mattresses are shipped daily. They product three kinds of mattresses: the Bowery, the Brooklyn Signature, and the Brooklyn Aurora. This review will focus on the most popular of the three, the flagship Brooklyn Signature.


Brooklyn Bedding’s #BestMattressEver, also called the Brooklyn Signature, makes a bold claim; but it’s not completely unfounded. For a bed-in-a-box product, there’s a lot of customization to be had.

The design itself is quite basic: Layers of CertiPUR-US approved foam over pocketed coils, all wrapped in a fire sock, then encased in a mattress cover. It is a mattress built to feel great and work for everyone. The company controls manufacturing—no outsourcing at any point—and has even developed a proprietary latex-like polyfoam called TitanFlex to use as a major component of the flagship product. Worth noting here is that the current version of the Brooklyn Signature features a rising trend in the online mattress industry: pocketed coils.

Brooklyn Bedding mattress with gray bedsheet and pillows

What’s Inside?

The two-inch top layer is made of TitanFlex foam. As the layer in closest contact with the sleeper, this provides good contour without a feeling of excess sinkage. Motion and heat transfer are minimized and managed well. The responsive polyfoam is a latex alternative that is designed to offer superior bounce, breathability, comfort, cooling, pressure relief, and support. It’s eco-friendly, more durable than latex, and better at wicking away and dissipating heat and moisture. The foam density isn’t listed, likely because the product comes in three levels of firmness.

The two-inch middle layer is also made of TitanFlex foam, but is firmer in order to provide better deep compression support and increase the durability of the mattress core.

The six-inch bottom layer is made of ascension pocketed coils. It acts as the foundation and base of the entire mattress; and allows for maximum reactivity and comfort without sacrificing structural integrity.

The layers are stacked and reinforced by a snug flame retardant sock made of a non-woven fabric blend of cotton, polyester, rayon, and silica. The entire thing is then encased in a breathable cotton and polyester blend-based mattress cover that is quilted in-house with just under an inch of polyfoam, adding plushness and a pillow-like feel. Side panels are a solid blue and include carrying handles—a feature we very much appreciate.

Close up of Brooklyn Bedding mattress


Yes, the Brooklyn Signature is the most popular; but similar to other companies that started with a “one mattress fits all” approach, Brooklyn Bedding has diversified in recent months. If you’re on a tight budget, consider the more affordable, all-foam Bowery mattress; and if you’re willing to splurge for premium comfort and design, consider their innovative Brooklyn Aurora.

Brooklyn Bedding sends boxes to Canada and the US only. Transactions are processed within three days, after which they are shipped. Canada orders are shipped by UPS, with an additional starting fee of $270 per mattress. US orders are shipped by FedEx Ground—free for the 48 contiguous US states, and with a $250 fee for Alaska and Hawaii—and can take up to five business days; though the company also allows for rush FedEx two-day shipping for a select number of sizes and comfort levels for an additional fee. Important to note: Brooklyn Bedding offers a sleep trial with an accompanying return policy, but the trial period starts to count down on the day of delivery, and additional shipping fees are not refundable. This means that if you place an order from outside the lower 48, you won’t get the same value for money; considering the added time it will take for your product to be sent to you, not to mention the shipping fees.

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is available in six mattress sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. You can choose the “comfort level” of your mattress: soft, medium, or firm. Each mattress, regardless of comfort level, is 11 and a half inches thick—the mattress cover adds a lot to the foam layers—and a little heavier than most other mattresses of comparable size. The queen sizes are 115 pounds each; popular competitors like Leesa and Casper offer lighter mattresses, with queens typically sitting at around 65 to 85 pounds.

Brooklyn Bedding also sells compatible items: foundations, mattress protectors, pillows, and sheets.

What Can Be Used with It?

The Brooklyn Signature is designed to work perfectly for most bed frames, but not the floor like Endy or GhostBed mattresses. The warranty it comes with clearly states that the product must benefit from the continuous and solid support of a proper foundation with little to no give. Frames with slatted wood or metal should have slats four inches apart at most.Using improper bases, like old box springs or platforms with slats too far apart, will void the mattress warranty.

Brooklyn Bedding mattress uncovered

How Easy Is It to Set Up?

Brooklyn Bedding’s flagship mattress is easily unboxed and prepared for use. You can keep the product in the box three weeks after you receive it; but it’s best to make full use of the trial period, so the sooner you open the package, the better.

Like all new mattresses that you can buy online, all you need to do is take the heavily compressed and rolled up product out of the box, place it top and in front of your bed frame, and carefully unwrap the plastic protecting it. As the mattress is freed from its packaging, it should start to expand to its full size. If you notice a “new mattress smell”, air it out in a well-ventilated room until the odor dissipates. Off-gassing shouldn’t be a huge problem as Brooklyn Bedding doesn’t use chemical fire retardants. The mattress cover is not easily washable, and the company recommends spot cleaning only. If you’re anticipating a lot of staining and spillage, it’s best to invest in a washable mattress protector.

Advertisement for Brooklyn Bedding mattress

What’s the Weight Capacity?

The company does not explicitly state the weight capacity of their #BestMattressEver anywhere on the official website. However, upon sending a query through customer service, we received the answer: 900 pounds. Unclear whether that is per side or total limit, so for now—until further clarification—we’re going with that as the total limit. It must also be noted that the materials used in this 2017 update of the mattress are quite dense and specifically engineered to be more resilient and durable than the high quality latex the Brooklyn Bedding flagship product was using previously.

How Does It Feel?

Several reviews online—both from actual customers and professional reviewers—have noted the superior quality of TitanFlex compared to latex. There is a noticeable difference. Heat, moisture and motion are all absorbed well, leading to proper dissipation; and though body contour is present, there is no overt sinkage—no “quicksand” feeling of the mattress swallowing you up. There is a bounce to the material, too—but not with the typical excessive firmness that quality comes with, especially when compared to older, more traditional innerspring mattresses.

Over two thousand reviews are shown on the official website of the company, with the average rating of the mattress at about four and a half out of five stars. However, the lack of outside sources—no Amazon or Google customer reviews—and the recent switch to TitanFlex from latex makes this rating rather unreliable. The ascension pocketed coils are a new additions, too; so that complicates matters further.


Many e-commerce mattress startups handle the development and direct sales of their products internally, but still outsource the actual manufacturing process; not Brooklyn Bedding. They are involved in everything, from mattress design to the creation of a proprietary raw material. The mattress covers are even quilted at the same factory where the mattresses are made. This attention to detail and minimization of steps lead to a more efficient assembly line; and mattresses that are top quality, offered at a very competitive price point. Though we may have qualms about the constant changes in their mattress designs and offerings—from one to three kinds of mattresses; from previously offering nine sizes to not just offering the six US standard sizes; from latex, to Titanflex, to the addition of pocketed coils—but if this is because of a constant drive to improve and be better, that says a lot about the company’s promise and potential.

Brooklyn Bedding mattress in showroom

How Easy Are Returns? How Good Is the Warranty?

Brooklyn Bedding offers a full 10-year mattress warranty, though the conditions are far more stringent than others. A glaring difference is the specified need for a bed frame, which has mostly been eliminated from contemporary mattress warranties that come with hybrid foam mattresses.

There is also a 120-night sleep trial—one of the longest and most generous in the business. It beats out the standard 100-night duration offered by the company’s most popular competitors.

It must be noted that any #BestMattressEver not ordered through the official Brooklyn Bedding website or Amazon Prime is not come with the 120-night trial period or a warranty. A number of negative reviews of this product stem from this misunderstanding! Otherwise, returns are easy enough. You simply need to contact customer service through email; and in most cases you will be requested to donate the mattress and referred to local pickup services. After the mattress is returned or donated, refunds—of the price, sans shipping fee—are processed and can take up to four business days to show up on your account.


As of this writing, the queen-sized #BestMattressEver Brooklyn Signature is available for $949, plus any needed shipping fees depending on your location. You can also choose to avail of an Affirm payment plan. We cannot stress enough that you must purchase your mattress through the official website or using Amazon Prime in order to take advantage of the 120-night sleep trial and its accompanying refund and return policy, not to mention the 10-year full warranty. Check and double check; without these perks, the price of the #BestMattressEver is not as good of a deal as the company makes it out to be. It may be on the lower end of the price spectrum, but it’s by no means the most affordable option.


Many new mattresses feature proprietary material, but the startups that use them as a selling point usually come out with it included in their initial product. Brooklyn Bedding started in the bed-in-the-box market with a hybrid foam mattress consisting of latex and polyfoam–and it was doing well. That they went the extra mile and continued to improve on their own design says volumes about their commitment to deliver a product that truly lives up to its name. It’s a shame that the mattress cover isn’t easily washable, and that shipping costs aren’t refundable; but those are limitations that aren’t unique to Brooklyn Bedding. We are a little surprised that the price went up, too—before this review update, the #BestMattressEver cost $200 less than what it’s retailing for now. What’s most alarming is the newness of the current version of the #BestMattressEver Brooklyn Signature. Any review or write-up—even this one—will not have benefited from months upon months of research and anecdotal evidence. This makes the 120-night sleep trial even more important. If you’re thinking of buying a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress, please do make sure that your purchase is covered by it.