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By Mario Esposito
Last Updated: May 15, 2019

When a manufacturer is reputable, it shows. Grund America's Savannah collection may be more expensive than your average sheet set, but the quality is indisputable. Coupled with a rock solid 30-day return policy and a limited warranty, it's worth the money if you really are looking for luxury.

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Although this product is popular online, actual customer feedback points to inconsistent quality and experiences. Bottom line: You get what you pay for. This sheet set is so affordable that it's easy to forgive slight annoyances---and the Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee is a great touch.

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We're hesitant to recommend this sheet set due to its rigid 30-day return policy and its mixed reviews. However, the price is attractive and the product comes in many different sizes, colors and prints. If you appreciate these positives, go for it.

Rank 3
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The wildly different experiences of customers with verified purchases of this sheet set make it difficult to recommend this product outright. However, if you do luck out and get the quality that the positive feedback praises, then Mayfair Linen's Hotel Collection sheet set is a good deal.

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How Do You Pick the Perfect Sheet Set for Your Bed?

Most of us grew up with the regular routine of changing sheets. Have you ever stopped to think of why you need to have sheets on your bed in the first place? The answer comes in two parts: protection and comfort.

Protection: If you have a mattress without any additional accessories—like a pad, a protector or a topper—sheets are the first and last line of defense when it comes to dirt, dust, spills and stains. You can’t wash a mattress, but you can wash sheets! It makes sense to have that cloth layer to act as a barrier between your mattress and the rest of the world.

Comfort: Lying down and feeling clean sheets on your skin can be an otherworldly experience, especially after a long day. Some people like crisp cotton sheets. Others like silky satin sheets. There is a wide variety of bed sheets available, with specific products able to cater to diverse comfort needs and preferences.

What’s the perfect sheet set, then? It should provide you with a balance of protection and comfort. The price should be within your budget, too. Of course, it goes without saying that it should fit well.

How Can Our Sheets Reviews Help?

There’s nothing like personal experience. However, the next best thing is to read honest reviews from people that put in the effort and work. That’s what we do here at Good Night’s Rest.

When possible, we test products ourselves. Every review is built on hours of research and fact checking, as well as going through hundreds—sometimes thousands—of verified customer experiences. We also make it a point to contact brands directly and test out their customer support options.

One thing that’s not part of our mission and vision is to make the final choice for you. Don’t take what we say as your personal bottom line! We do the research so you don’t have to, and that’s it. Our goal is to help you get a good night’s rest—no more, no less.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Sheet Set?

Because sheet sets are both typical and varied, it’s hard to focus on minute details like thread count or weave pattern. Instead, our review criteria for sheets has to do with the very basics: How durable is it? How does it feel? Is it machine washable or not? Is it affordable?

Below is a quick look at the details we delve into that make each sheet set review we do balanced and objective.

1. Sheet Set Construction & Materials

Some people start with strong preferences: Egyptian cotton only, or no shiny sateen weave. That’s fine, although it will narrow down your list of options.

We prefer to look at the quality of the material and how it lines up with what is being marketed. In other words: If so-and-so sheet set is said to have a high thread count, we don’t focus on that! Instead, we see if it delivers on the promise of that marketed detail.

We also check if the claims are true. If a brand says that their sheet sets are 100% organic cotton, for example, we do our best to find certification or other forms of confirmation.

Apart from materials, we look as the manufacturing quality, too. Sheets that have loose threads and messy hems will not go unnoticed.

2. Sheet Set Comfort & Feel

Sheets touch the majority of your skin when you’re sleeping, so how they feel is very important. Scratchy sheets are a no-no, as well as flimsy sheets that don’t hold their own if you’re an active sleeper.

Does the fabric feel cool and breathable, or do you find that it makes you sweat more in your sleep? Do the fitted sheets stay firmly on your mattress, or do they ride up or sag, and feel like they’re the wrong size? These are questions we strive to answer in every review.

3. Sheet Set Care & Maintenance

Because bed sheets should be changed every two weeks, care and maintenance issues play a big part in our sheet set reviews. Most sheets are machine washable, thank goodness, but that’s almost baseline and shouldn’t be treated as a special perk.

Do the sheets shrink in the wash? Do the colors fade or bleed? How do the sheets react to air drying? Is there a noticeable difference in the sheets’ durability and feel after it’s been washed a few times?

4. Sheet Set Mattress Pad Guarantee, Warranty & Price

Great deals and discounts for sheets are a dime a dozen at brick and mortar stores, and that’s great if you buy in bulk for a huge family. If you want to level up, though, you can—and you’d be surprised at some of the perks of paying just a little bit more than usual.

Did you know that some branded sheet sets come with trial periods and money back guarantees? Some even offer a limited warranty! Usually, these brands are the ones that offer special or specific kinds of sheets: organically sourced, hotel quality, etc.

On top of these, we also review a brand’s customer support behavior—if there is even a customer service presence at all. After all, how will you contact them if you do want to avail of a money back guarantee? A sizable chunk of our review conclusions rests on how well a company takes care of the people that purchase their products.