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By Mario Esposito
Last Updated: May 15, 2019

Not a product you can try risk-free and without a prescription; but still a great alternative to more expensive, custom-fitted MADs--especially for people needing to breathe through the mouth from time to time.

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This collection of ZenSleep products provides complete and comprehensive relief for both snorers and their loved ones, but it may be an excessive purchase for people on a budget.

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How Do You Pick the Perfect Anti-Snoring Device?

Unlike some other sleep-related products—like sleep headphones or certain essential oils—anti-snoring devices are not something you should be trying out without consulting your doctor. Snoring is not always a harmless nuisance and can point to health issues that would be best to address as soon as possible.

At Good Night’s Rest, we encourage you to talk to a healthcare professional before using sleep aids because your medical history and current medication and diet may not be compatible with some ingredients found in sleep-related dietary supplements. With anti-snoring devices, the reason is more preventative than anything else.

What if you use an anti-snoring device, sleep a little better, and completely sidestep other changes you need to make to lower the risk of developing high blood pressure or heart problems? There are also behaviors related to snoring—excessive anger, frustration or lack of focus—that can be better explained by a doctor. Self-medicating is never as good as talking to a professional.

How do you pick the perfect anti-snoring device? By making sure that it is a joint decision between you and your doctor. After all, some of these products do need a prescription.

How Can Our Anti-Snoring Device Reviews Help?

Our reviews are here for reference and information purposes. We don’t make blanket recommendations, and we don’t know which anti-snoring device is best for you and your particular needs.  That’s between you and your doctor!

All of the reviews on Good Night’s Rest—not just the ones for anti-snoring devices—are easy to read and well put together summaries of all the essential details for the product in question. At times, we get lucky and have the chance to personally test some of the items we review. Usually, though, we do it the boring but comprehensive way.

We understand that someone that reads reviews is probably someone that is obsessive about finding out everything about a product before making a purchase. We’re like that, too! With that in mind, we search for official press releases, news items, customer feedback, even social media interactions. We test the brands’ customer support team by asking them about specific details, too.

In short, we help in the best way we know how: by doing all the research so that you won’t have to do it yourself. Our goal is to help you narrow down your choices. By the time you’re ready to talk to your doctor about your snoring problem, you will hopefully have some anti-snoring devices in mind to bring up during your appointment.

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Anti-Snoring Device?

Apart from making the final decision with your doctor, there are some considerations that have to do with only you. These are comfort-based and budget-based, so it doesn’t really depend on what your doctor recommends. Below are some helpful questions to ask yourself while you’re on the hunt for an anti-snoring device that suits you.

1. Is the Anti-Snoring Device Prescription-Only or an OTC solution?

Yes, these are OTC (over the counter) solutions available! Usually, these are nasal dilators or “boil and bite” mouthpieces that are more affordable, but also not as durable. They can come in one size or offer different sizes—sometimes in one package. Easily replaceable and budget-friendly, OTC anti-snoring devices are ideal for occasional snorers.

Prescription-only anti-snoring devices are often custom-made to fit your physical features exactly, and can be either a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) or a Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD). You sleep with these devices in your mouth, too! It can get uncomfortable if the fit isn’t right. Some MAD and TSD anti-snoring devices can be quite expensive, but do last longer.

2. How Does It Feel to Wear the Anti-Snoring Device All Night?

This may not be a huge issue if you’re using nasal dilators or other anti-snoring devices that you don’t need to fit in your mouth. If you’re a heavy snorer, though, MADs and TSDs are usually the way to go.

Only personal experience will be able to answer this question. Barring that, you can look at your nighttime habits and routines identify possible problems.

For example: Do you suffer from allergies that clog your nose at night and necessitate breathing through your mouth? Some MADs aren’t designed for that! You actually won’t even be able to use them if you have a cold. There are designs that are more versatile, but generally, once you’ve got your MAD on, you won’t be able to breath through your mouth, drink or speak.

Another habit to look into is your sleeping position. Are you a back sleeper? You may want to buy a wedge pillow to prop you up a little when sleeping with a MAD or TSD on. They may cause excessive salivation, especially during the first few days or weeks of use. This, in turn, may actually cause you to gag on your saliva if your sleep flat on your back.

3. Does the Anti-Snoring Device Come with a Trial Period and Return Policy?

As with any item you wear and need to get used to, a trial period and return policy is almost essential. The only reason to not expect these additions to your purchase is if the price is very low. Nasal dilators, face straps and other small anti-snoring devices don’t really need a trial period or a return policy—but custom-made and prescription anti-snoring devices should definitely come with them.

4. How Much Does the Anti-Snoring Device Cost?

Finally, we have the price point. No matter how well-recommended an anti-snoring device is, if you can’t afford it, it’s not the perfect one for you. Keep in mind that even MADs and TSDs are not expected to last forever. You will need to replace them at some point, no matter not durable they are. This is why OTC solutions exist.

It it important to come to a budget decision that you will follow after talking to your doctor. You may be inclined to spend more depending on how serious your snoring problem is, after all.