Best Mattress Pad Reviews

By Mario Esposito
Last Updated: March 7, 2019

Basic and near utilitarian as far as design, but bordering on hotel luxury when it comes to craftsmanship and materials. This mattress pad is usually beyond our budget, but its current price point is too great a deal to pass up.

Rank 1
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If you're looking for a low cost, no nonsense mattress pad with no special considerations, the Utopia Bedding Fitted Quilted mattress pad will serve you well---though there may be more affordable options out there.

Rank 2
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This top-rated mattress pad is actually nothing special, but the 10-year guarantee it comes with is! Does the solid guarantee trump the fact that the product is mediocre? Find out here.

Rank 3
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The unparalleled sizing selection and the affordable price make this mattress pad attractive, but there's little to go on past those. We can't recommend The Grand mattress pad unless it's for a bed that won't be used regularly.

Rank 4
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How Do You Pick A Perfect Mattress Pad?

Here’s a decision that’s more important than you think. Why?

A mattress pad is an affordable compromise that lies between the mattress topper and the mattress protector. This bed accessory helps sheets fit snugly over your mattress, but that’s not all. It also does the double duty of adding both plushness and protection to your sleeping surface.

Consistent use of mattress pads will keep where you sleep cleaner and more comfortable. That’s why it’s perfect when paired with a brand new mattress. Less exposure to contaminants means a longer usable lifespan for your mattress, after all.

Knowing all this, the answer should be clear: a perfect mattress pad is one that works. It should be the right size for your mattress. It should be comfortable when in use and easy to handle and clean when in the wash. It should feel like great value in terms of how long it lasts before you need to replace it.

How Can Our Mattress Pad Reviews Help?

We put in the work. We read all the available literature, go through verified customer feedback, contact brands directly for more information, and—if we’re lucky—try the products we review ourselves. Don’t take our conclusions as the bottom line, though!

One thing we never want to do is to make your choice for you. Our reviews are means to help, not replace, your decision-making process. We do the research so you don’t have to—that’s all. We’re big fans of getting a regular good night’s rest, and we’re happy to provide these reviews to assist you in reaching that goal.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Mattress Pad?

We have a set criteria for each kind of product, so our reviews remain balanced and objective. Here’s what we looked at when we checked out and evaluated mattress pads.

1. Mattress Pad Construction & Materials

Fabrics, batting and other elements included in the mattress pad are the most important aspects here. Design strengths and weaknesses, if notable, should also be highlighted. Physical details like product dimensions and color choices, if any, may also be discussed.

2. Mattress Pad Comfort & Feel

Like all men, all mattress pads aren’t created equal. There are dozens upon dozens of models that address different needs. Have sensitive skin? Sweat in your sleep? Suffering from incontinence? There’s a mattress pad for that somewhere out there. We look at the add-ons that make these mattress pads ideal for you.

Of course, even baseline mattress pads need to be rated for comfort and ease of use. Will it fit your mattress right? Is it breathable or does it trap heat? These and more questions will be answered.

3. Mattress Pad Care & Maintenance

Unlike mattresses and mattress toppers, the majority of mattress pads are machine washable. Every product is different, though. Do you need to air dry a mattress pad? Can you just set the heat to very low and tumble dry? How often can you clean it?

Care and maintenance issues can make or break a mattress pad choice. No matter how comfortable a mattress pad is, it’s not going be great value if it falls apart after a few washes.

4. Mattress Pad Guarantee, Warranty & Price

While the top three criteria are very personal and dependent on your particular needs and wants, this last one is all business. With every product we review, a huge part of our conclusion rests on how a brand takes care of its customers.

Bargain basement prices are great, but they don’t often come attached to mattress pads with money back guarantees and/or warranties. Conversely, a mattress pad with a much higher price point can include all the bells and whistles. We note all of this in our reviews.