Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress Review

Newton Baby's flagship product is not for the budget conscious, but the cost is well worth the peace of mind that comes with the comfort and safety provided.

By Maria Ramos
Last Updated: August 19, 2018

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in New York, Newton Baby remains small and privately held. Founder Michael Rothbard is an industry veteran with track record showing a penchant for successfully introducing innovative bedding products to the market. When he became a father, his focus naturally shifted to creating safer, more comfortable and more effective sleep solutions for children. The company enjoys a stellar reputation due to a consistent and excellent flagship product originally launched in 2015: the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress. Though popular and well-received by parents, press and medical professionals alike, of course nothing beats personal research and preference. Here are the facts!


We mentioned that the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is innovative, but what’s truly unique about it is that the innovation results in a simplification of product design, rather than the usual convoluted layering of multiple materials. Newton Baby has managed to create a product that is purportedly breathable, hypoallergenic, lightweight, non-toxic, washable, and 100% recyclable—all while being comfortable and safe.

What’s Inside?

A five-and-a-half-inch thick single layer of a special cushioning material called Wovenaire is what makes up the core and full interior of the crib mattress—nothing else. Talk about simplicity! That’s it. No coils or springs; and no poly foam, memory foam, or latex foam. This material is the result of the above mentioned Japanese technology. According to Newton Baby, it is made of food-grade polymer. This is not as unique as it sounds; as a side note, mattress maker Purple has also described their patented material in similar terms, though the two materials are quite different in look and feel.

Wovenaire is created in a pool of water, with the polymer being woven and formed while submerged. It solidifies into a form that fits crib mattress dimensions, and is very lightweight but resilient; 90% of its volume is actually air! Only 10% of the entire three-dimensional interior is made of the food-grade polymer. Wovenaire is Greenguard Gold certified, and Newton Baby further claims that it does not off-gas or otherwise leach chemicals that may be harmful or toxic.

The crib mattress cover is comprised of two layers of breathable fabric—100% polyester—that are quilted together. It comes in four colors: cloud white, sunrise pink, moonlight grey, and sky blue. The company calls it a 3D cloud cover; and the patterns form little clouds that are supposed to create, as Newton Baby puts it, “soft pillows of air”. It is not waterproof, but water resistant. This is on purpose; as waterproofing through the use of synthetic material increases the risk of heat retention and bacteria formation, and would complicate the product’s design. Instead, the cover and the mattress core are both completely washable. The cover has a full zipper all around for easy removal and replacement, too!

No, there is no fire sock; but there are no chemical fire retardants, either. Wovenaire itself has a halogen and heavy metal-free solution within it, in the form of natural phosphates. This meets the fire safety standards required by US law.


The Newton Wovenaire crib mattress comes in two sizes—standard and mini—and both are ridiculously easy to carry around and transport. When we say lightweight, we mean it! The standard size is 28 inches by 52 inches, and it weighs 11 pounds; which is lighter than an average three-month-old baby. The mini size crib mattress from Newton Baby is even smaller and lighter at 24 inches by 38 inches and just eight and a half pounds, which is just a little heavier than a typical newborn child in the US. Basically, if you can carry your baby easily, you’ll have no problem lifting and moving the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress for washing. The ease at which you can pick up this mattress, as well as the fact that you can wash both the cover and the Wovenaire core, make cleaning up after nighttime and naptime accidents much less of a hassle.

Wovenaire is also durable, which explains Newton Baby’s limited lifetime warranty—which we’ll get to later on—and the fact that it is meant to grow along with your little one, especially if you buy the standard size. Because it is washable and made of tough stuff, you can expect it to be usable until your child is a toddler; and it can even be potentially handed down to another child, good as new, after your first outgrows it. If, for any reason, you wish to have it recycled instead, you can contact Newton Baby and they will even help you find the closest available facility or send return packaging so they can arrange the recycling process themselves.

Not only is the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress lightweight and durable, but it is also highly breathable due to the structure that allows the interior to be 90% air and only 10% food-grade polymer. While the materials are already hypoallergenic, the breathability does a lot to keep humidity and moisture within the mattress very low; and coupled with frequent washing and cleaning, this greatly discourages bacteria, fungi and mold growth, and keeps dust mites and other possible pests and allergens at a distance. However the biggest advantage of the breathable design has to do with the fact that is significantly lowers the risk of suffocation and overheating. If your baby sleeps hot or has a tendency to sleep face down, this mattress may be perfect for them.

What Can Be Used with It?

Newton Wovenaire crib mattresses should fit snugly on most cribs made for the sizes available, but if there is a gap of over an inch—roughly the width of two fingers—between the product and the crib side, you should not use them together. That gap can potentially create a suffocation hazard. Unfortunately, if you need a custom mattress size for a custom crib, Newton Baby will not be able to provide that. Worth noting, though, that the two sizes of Newton Wovernaire crib mattresses have corners that are the sweet spot between squared off and possibly being too pointy, and rounded and possibly leaving a hazardous gap.

Newton Baby does not recommend using a waterproof protector over their product, as this would negate the whole point of choosing a breathable and easily washable mattress for your baby. Instead, they suggest breathable cotton sheets, such as the Aden+Anais muslin sheets that are also available on Newton Baby’s official website and online store. Replacement mattress covers are also available for easy changing during hectic nights and unforeseeable messes.

How Easy Is It to Set Up and Clean?

There is no setup, really. It is as easy as taking it out of the box and putting it in the crib. You can wash the mattress and the cover before use, but Newton Baby insists that this is an unnecessary step, though you are free to do so; as a huge selling point of this product is that it can be cleaned and washed easily and as often as you wish.

The only real rule here is that you should avoid heat at all costs when cleaning the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress and its cover. You can hand wash or use a washing machine for the cover; and as for the Wovenaire core, you can run water over and through it in your tub or shower area. For both, remember to use mild detergent and cool or cold water. You can dry the cover on cool settings or simply hang to air dry. To dry the mattress: Rinse well, shake it until all the trapped water within comes out, and then lay it somewhere to rest in a well-ventilated space until it is ready for use. Setting both in front of a fan can speed up the process, but remember: No heat! This means no hot water and no hot air. Do no use a blow dryer. Heat will damage or shrink the product.

What’s the Weight Capacity?

Though we had to look for quite a bit to find it, the answer to this question is on the official website: the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress has been tested and can support up to 100 pounds! Seems unbelievable, but that’s a statistic from the company itself. In other words, it will do just fine well into toddler ages and even beyond; as the average three-year-old weighs a shade under 40 pounds.

How Does It Feel?

Newton Baby states that the product is of a “recommended firmness” that is able to provide a comfortable sleeping surface to both infant and toddler; and we’ve already mentioned the fact that it is great when it comes to having low heat, humidity and moisture retention. No need to flip the mattress, as the feel will not change either way–though you are free to do so if it makes things easier for you.


Newton Baby does business with community, quality, innovation and transparency as their guiding principles—and it shows. Many crib mattresses and accessories are designed and marketed as being the best for your baby; but with the hassle-free maintenance and use of the Newton Baby crib mattress, we feel that this product is also designed to be great for caregivers, guardians and parents. The promise is high, and the potential for this product to be a new standard is of a similar level.

How much should we really trust a new brand with a new product made with new technology, though? Well, that depends on you. In our opinion, though, Newton Baby’s commitment to both community and transparency—two of their four guiding principles—makes the newness of it all less daunting. Plus, the FAQ on the official website is extensive, and customer support is friendly and knowledgeable.

It helps that they’re an American company, too! However, while Newton Wovenaire crib mattresses are assembled and tested for quality in the USA—at a clean and emissions-free company facility in Tennessee—there is definitely an international slant to this process. For one thing, even though the Wovenaire material is made in the USA, the technology that is used to create it was developed in Japan. Curiously, though, we could not unearth a single mention of it anywhere online that wasn’t linked this crib mattress. Also, the mattress cover used is made in China; though quality control in the US facility should assuage any unfounded fears related to that.

How Easy Are Returns? How Good Is the Warranty?

There is a return policy and a 100 night trial period. Non-mattress Newton Baby products should be returned within 30 days of purchase, unused and undamaged; but of course the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress comes with special terms. Because of the 100 night trial—which is only valid if you purchase the crib mattress from Newton Baby’s official website, take note—the period during which you can return a Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is likewise extended. It bears repeating, because this may be a point of confusion for excited customers: If you purchase the crib mattress through any other retailer and not through the official website, that store’s return policy will be honored and you will not get the 100 night trial period. In any case, successful returns will be refunded in the same form as its original payment.

An added bonus: Newton Baby’s 100 night free trial can start when your baby arrives! Should you still be expecting and just making sure that everything is ready for your eagerly anticipated little one, you can indicate your due date when you register the crib mattress on the official website warranty page. The trial will start from the due date, ensuring that it is your baby that is making full use to the generous trial period.

The Newton Wovenaire crib mattress also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Like most mattress warranties, it doesn’t apply to normal and everyday wear and tear; or damage or abuse of the material, accidental or not. Improper handling and use is also not covered, so be careful when transporting it; and again, don’t use heat in the cleaning process! It may be counter-intuitive to some, but it is how to properly take care of the product. There is also what Newton Baby calls a “lifetime fit guarantee”. If you notice that the mattress no longer fits properly and isn’t snug around the sides of your crib anymore—and you’ve been using it properly—you may contact Newton Baby about it, and they may arrange for a free replacement.


A standard size Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is available for $299.99 on the official website, while the mini size is a little lighter on the budget at $249.99. We’ve been enamored by the Wovenaire technology and all it entails regarding durability and ease of use, but if there’s anything that we would point out as a disadvantage, it would probably be the price point. This is a very expensive crib mattress, even compared to other high end industry counterparts. Also worth noting that there are additional fees if the order needs to be shipped to a non-continental US state like Alaska or Hawaii.

Fortunately, there are financing options available through Newton Baby’s partnership with Affirm. This potentially allows you to choose a payment plan, get a loan, and benefit from installment billing. Worth noting that this product is also available at online retailers like Amazon.


We love the idea of a lightweight and resilient mattress that is very easy to maintain. And more than anything, the superior airflow due to the material and simple design does a lot to ease fears when it comes to a little one’s sleep habits. At Good Night’s Rest, we appreciate innovation and technology, and this product goes above and beyond when it comes to those. That being said, we have the usual apprehensions and qualms that are typical when dealing with new products from new brands, and this is not helped in the least by the hefty price tag. However, the generous trial period and limited lifetime warranty adds value and a mental safety net of sorts. The warranty adds a measure of confidence to possibly using the mattress longer than usual—from infancy to toddler years, possibly for more than one child—and still expecting the same quality and comfort. And if for some reason, your baby does not sleep well on the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress, the trial will ensure that you won’t be stuck with an expensive item that will just gather dust. Overall, if cost is not an issue—and particularly if your baby sleeps hot or has a tendency to lie face down—the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is a great choice that is definitely worth at least trying. We heartily recommend it.